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Part-timers and INSET- what do YOU do?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by dalmar1924, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. dalmar1924

    dalmar1924 New commenter

    Please could any fellow part-timers out there let me know what you do when INSET falls on days you do not work?
    I know the legal position is that we do not have to and that if we agree to do so we should be paid but I'm wondering how many people just work them when asked to do so in order to keep the peace and show good will. I'm in a conundrum as our new HT and office manager seem to think that they are within their rights to expect me to attend INSET days, pro-rata, without pay or time off in lieu. I don't want to seem unwilling but I feel strongly about fairness to part-time staff as a principle and do not want to work 3 extra days without pay. I am I naïve? How many people just do this to keep on their HT's good books?
  2. toastandtea

    toastandtea New commenter

    Yes I work 0.6 and all the INSET days are on my non working days. However yes I’ve turned up to the 3 INSET days so far which are out of my working hours purely to keep the peace and also because it’s the only chance I’ve got to meet my job share partner as we don’t work any time together. I know that technically there’s no obligation to work on your non working days but I know that it would cause further problems if I didn’t turn up.
  3. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    No-if they fall on a day you don't work, you don't go-unless you want to. I worked at several schools. Some Inset days from one school fell on a day when I was working at another school. I couldn't have gone even if I had wanted to. We were always given an agenda, so part timers could see what went on. Any slides used were put on the server for us to see.
  4. 50sman

    50sman Lead commenter

    Remember if you work part time in one school - say Monday Tuesday and Wednesday it is quite possible and legal to have another job be it teaching or shelf stacking on Thursday And Friday - it would not be possible to do inset I. A school when you are contracted to work elsewhere

    Never mind keeping the peace - you do not work for nothing
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  5. Ohwell

    Ohwell New commenter

    I absolutely do not attend insets unless I am paid. Why would you work for free? Full timers are paid to attend and you deserve the same treatment. It is just like asking a full timer to work on a Saturday for free. I have never found myself at a disadvantage as a result.
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    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Don't do yourself (and other part-timers in the school) a disservice. The rules are there for a reason. You are a professional and should be paid for any 'extra' days that you do.
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  7. Madame R

    Madame R New commenter

    If INSET falls on my day off, I don't go unless I want to and I'm paid for it. Like PPs have said why would I want to work for free? Please do not go in just to keep the peace. You are setting an unfair precedent and putting undue pressure on part timers who either can't do INSET on their days off or who simply don't want to which they are perfectly entitled to do. There is a difference between going above and beyond and being made a mug of. If part timers continue to attend INSET on days off unpaid because they feel they are expected to, nothing will change and heads and school managers will continue to get away with it.
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  8. aypi

    aypi Senior commenter

    I think we should all be paid double to attend inset.
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  9. Oldfashioned

    Oldfashioned Senior commenter

    Don't go in on days off, end of. Even if they offered to pay, it would still be a firm no from me.
  10. Summerhols6

    Summerhols6 Occasional commenter

    There lies the problem, teachers are s!!! scared of HT and SLT. Don't be.
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  11. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I currently have two jobs, one 4 days a week and the other one day a week.
    The one day a week people know of my lack of availability on the other days and so far the one SLT who talks to me has been good at making sure I catch up the essential stuff.
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  12. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    If your HT is putting pressure on you then definitely speak to your in school union rep. If you are under STPCD, as others have said, you cannot be directed to attend.
    STPCD para 51.9, my bold
    51.9. Subject to paragraph 51.10, no teacher employed part-time may be required to be available for work on any day of the week or part of any day of the week on which the teacher is not normally required to be available for work under their contract of employment (whether it is for the purposes of teaching pupils and performing other duties or for the sole purpose of performing other duties).
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  13. Curae

    Curae Star commenter

  14. 1stviolin

    1stviolin New commenter

    I have been a part-time secondary LSA for over two years now and have usually not gone in on INSETs which are not on my "regular" days: however occasionally by mutual agreement I have done so on the understanding that I will take time off in lieu at a later stage (once or twice useful for other activities which would otherwise have needed unpaid leave) - this has been after discussions with the SeNCo about the usefulness (or otherwise) of the particular INSET (often much of the day is arranged around topics which are of limited relevance to us anyway) .
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