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Part time UPS3...

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by saljack58, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. saljack58

    saljack58 New commenter

    Is anyone else working in an establishment where you have to complete a set of "performance descriptors" for UPS3 for each one of the National Teacher Standards? Thirty three in all as they are broken down into sub groups! I am not speaking about applying for UPS, I write as one who passed threshold when it was first introduced.
    I interpreted the STRB 2015 documentation that if you were appointed as a post threshold teacher prior to 2015 this was to remain but may well be wrong.
    I find, as a part timer, that I am challenged with this activity. I appreciate that it may well be that I am regarded as too expensive, but am interested to see what others have experienced.
    I am particularly interested to know where the Upper Pay Range reference points that we have to meet have come from as I can find no reference to them online.
    TheoGriff - any input would be welcome, but please be aware that the school does not appear to have an up to date pay policy, only a generic LA one.
  2. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    If you want Theo's advice, you could repost with Dear Theo in the title here or in Career Clinic as she might not see this..
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  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Tagging @TheoGriff to this thread in case she can help.
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  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Thank you @marlin . Yes, I need to be tagged sometimes as, in theory, I reply on Jobseekers, Career Clinic and Independent only.

    In theory. ;)

    You are correct.

    Page 21 of STPCD 2015

    14.2. A relevant body must pay a teacher on the upper pay range if:
    a) the teacher is employed in a school as a post-threshold teacher, for as long as the teacher is so employed at that school without a break in the continuity of their employment;
    b) the teacher applied to a school to be paid on the upper pay range in accordance with paragraph 15 of this Document, that application was successful, the teacher is still employed at that school and there has been no break in their continuity of employment; or
    c) the teacher was employed as a member of the leadership group in that school, has continued to be employed at that school without a break in the continuity of their employment, was first appointed as such on or after 1 September 2000, and occupied such a post or posts for an aggregate period of one year or more.
    and the teacher will not be paid on the pay range for leading practitioners or as a member of the leadership group.

    However, this only applies if your school is following the STPCD - are you an Academy?

    So they cannot take UPS away from you.

    However, they do not have to move you from UPS2 to UPS3 if you are not already there.

    The schools' Pay Policy (which you say is actually the LA's Pay Policy - that's fine, as long as it exists) has to say how they will decide how to appoint to UPS. But will say noting about remaining on UPS since you cannot be demoted.


    Ask why you have to carry out this exercise since your pay point is established. Quote para 14.2 page 21. See what the reply is.

    Best wishes

  5. saljack58

    saljack58 New commenter

    Many thanks, Theo. This confirms my understanding. We are not an academy, but I foresee it happening shortly. Feel that this is the preparation for same.
    Once again many thanks.
    Would still like to hear if any colleagues having similar stories!

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