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Part time, temporary. Good move for an NQT

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by jamestrumpet, May 27, 2011.

  1. jamestrumpet

    jamestrumpet New commenter

    I am applying for a post that is 0.5 part time and temporary. I am an NQT and the school I am applying to seems really nice and a great place to work. I am unsure on whether this is a good career move, applying for a part time temporary post, especially if I was lucky to get this post, as I would not be able to finish my NQT at the school.
    I would greatly value anyone elses ideas.
  2. anonymousarty

    anonymousarty New commenter

    If you feel you would benefit from the experience of being there, go for it, particularly if you have nothing else lined up. You can always do supply for the other days. How far into your 16 months are you?
  3. I had this problem, then a maternity cover, full time post came up.

    Some things to consider
    1) can you afford to live on 0.5 salary?
    2) How will you explain to future employers why you worked as a part time temp? Their thought could be "nobody wanted to give them a proper position" (words of my former HoD)
    3) Do you like to gamble? I nearly took a 0.6 position and tookinstead a gamble on something else coming up..... and it did.
    4) Have you had you applications checked and feedback from other interviews - if there are other positions out there, apply and get help with your application and act on feedback from previous interviews.

  4. Hi,

    I just wanted to say the I took a super part-time, temporary role last year in order to gain experience (as an NQT) and it has lead to me securing my perfect job in a great school. If it's the best option available at this time and you view it as a chance to shine, it could definitely work out to your advantage. It might mean you need to take other work where you can get it, but it's also potentially extra time you can use to build up excellent schemes of work and resources for your subject, and time to reflect on and improve your teaching practice!
  5. jamestrumpet

    jamestrumpet New commenter

    THanks for the advice. It is really beneficial. I could possibly survive on part time, but this post will also become full time in the next academic year (2012 - 2013) at the school in question. So it is a gamble on whether to take it, or whether to go for a full time pos else where. The other option is that I try to find another part time post, and complete my NQT that way.
    Who would have thought completing an NQT would be this hard lol
  6. Hi,

    I've just taken a part time position as an NQT (3 days) I have a baby and I want to do my best for the children and felt full time would be just be too much for everyone and wouldn't be fair. As least you will have someone experienced to learn from and you will be at your best whilst you are there rather than totally burnt out towards the end of the week/term.

    Best of luck H x
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You would still start your Induction on part-time teaching as long as they intend to employ you for at least a term's length.
    Whilst on Induction you can take non-Induction supply days elsewhere on your fee days and if the Induction post is your first qualified teaching, the other odd supply days will NOT start your 16 month supply allowance .
    If you get extra supply days at your Induction school, they can be included to speed up your Induction term verdicts.
    You can also be on p/t Induction at another school. The first Induction school will manage the Induction form, liaising with the other school for details about the days you are serving there.


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