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Part time teacher and staff meeting

Discussion in 'Primary' started by happi_red, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I work part time (0.4) and our school staff meeting is held on a day I don't normally work. At the beginning of the year the deputy head told me that as I am 0.4 of a teacher I am required to attend 0.4 of the staff meetings. However, the deputy retired at Christmas and today I recieved a phone call from the assistant head to inform me that I am contractually obliged to attend all staff meetings. I've looked into this and have calculated my hours and I do actually owe the school an hour a week (the staff meeting hour). However, it does state in the Teacher's Pay and Conditions that part time staff should not be expected to work on days they are not normally in school. So I really wondered what my position was here? Can I somehow continue to only attend SOME staff meetings? I only ask because I stay at home with my little boy and it will cost me money in childcare to attend the staff meeting every week and also cost me an afternoon with my little boy as we will be restricted as to what we can do on a staff meeting day. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Many Thanks
    Rach x
  2. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    There is something in the teachers conditions document that categorically states that they cannot make you do anything on a day you do not work. If you look over on pay and conditions, or workplace dilemmas there are plenty of threads asking the same.

  3. lovecake123

    lovecake123 New commenter

    I work part-time and the school rearranged staff meetings to a day I do work so I could attend, along with my job share. I would ask if there any possibility of this?
  4. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    And what if you were in work in another job on this day? This question crops up on pay and conditions now and again. You are not required to be in on days you do not work and if you are, you shuold be paid in addition to your days.
  5. She is in work in another day Paulie - looking after her child.

    As you say if you weren't doing that you would have to pay someone else to do it.
    You cannot be required to go into work on a day that you are not contracted to work.
  6. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Obviously you have twisted my intended meaning. The paying of the childcare is irrelevent to the arguement. If she was in employment on the staff meeting day in another school (as more and more teachers are working across different schools, due to cut backs) then she wouldn;t be required to attend, so nethier should she just beacuse she is not in paid employment on this day.
  7. Thank you all for your replies - I have found the relevant paragraphs in the Pay and Conditions document and also have a statement about this situation from the NUT website so I will be taking these to show my head today. If the school changed the staff meeting to a day I work then, yes, the problem would be solved for me. However, it would then cause a problem for a colleague as she works a Mon and Tues and I work a Thurs and Fri therefore the staff meeting could never be arranged for a day that suits us both:-(
    Thanks again and hopefully my headteacher will be sympathetic to my situation
    Rach x

  8. My school had two job shares. I work .4 (Thurs/Fri) my old head used to alternate staff meeting night from Tuesday to Thursday each half term so I attended roughly half the meetings. This worked really well but, despite feedback from my other half, I felt out of the loop when I didn't go. My head and the other job shares retired. My new head has fixed staff meetings to Thursday and I attend all staff meetings. I feel much better informed but really miss the time to work in my classroom. I have ended up staying after the meeting, from 5-6pm to catch up on jobs that can't be taken home and spend half an hour on the phone telling my other half what she missed. There's no easy answer!
  9. GARDEN24

    GARDEN24 New commenter

    I work part-time and our head has scheduled the staff meetings for alternate days a week about so that I go to one on my day one week and my partner attends the other the next week. We always get minutes from the meetings too but if it's of special relevance or importance I make the efffort to go in anyway-it's to my advantage to hear first hand info and discussions.

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