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Part time return request refused

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Vitalistics, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Vitalistics

    Vitalistics New commenter


    My request to return to work part time after maternity leave has been refused

    The reason given is 1) hard to find another teacher to work part time in my shortage subject (science) 2) covid 19 means they want one consistent teacher for the students.

    However for me this is a difficult situation now.

    Can I appeal this? The school already has two pt staff and lots of class shares already so that has never been an issue.
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    How soon are you due to return?

    One thing you could try is getting hold of the department timetable, and having a play for yourself to try and demonstrate that it could be done without losing consistency. It's unlikely to be possible, though, unless a lot of the groups have teaching split between the different specialists - that gives a bit more flexibility to shuffle all of 10Sc1's physics onto Mon/Wed and all of 11Sc2's onto Tue/Fri. If you can do that sort of thing then you might be able to split a timetable so that all the groups are either Mon/Wed/Thu OR Tue/Fri, say. It's much harder to do now the timetable is up and running, unfortunately. If you can make it work, you can then go back to them and say "look, can you at least advertise for someone to teach Tue/Fri". If you can't shuffle the timetable, or advertising fails to get any suitable applicants, their argument is stronger.

    Given existing split classes, maybe you can find departmental results which demonstrate that those groups do not perform any worse than other groups. Maybe they even do better, if the teaching is split between people with different specialisms? I can see that covid introduces an extra complication this year, although it's not clear how much difference it makes. In fact, if they have to quarantine teachers who have taught a particular pupil, if one of those teachers is a part-timer, they have fewer days which need covering.

    Another possibility would be to check whether the maternity cover teacher would be interested in carrying on part-time. Then you could argue that in that case, consistency would be no worse, as they would have two teachers during the year anyway, and if the maternity cover teacher is still teaching them, there's better handover and continuity.

    If those are their only reasons, then you should ask whether they will advertise a pt post for next September (if anyone leaves, it could just be added to another advert to reduce costs); if anyone applies, and there's a vaccine, their stated reasons will be no more. Unfortunately, I think you're only allowed to make a formal flexible working request once a year, so you might be dependent on them agreeing to review the situation.
  3. Peanut87

    Peanut87 New commenter

    You can appeal it within 14 days of the decision; however, it doesn’t mean you’ll get it turned over. I had the same issue and even with my union helping and collecting plenty of evidence to show that their reasons were unjustified, it was still denied by the governors.

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