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Part Time pay Changes

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by trwdy, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. My wife works part time (0.6 Monday to Wednesday) and job shares with another teacher who works 0.4 Thursday/Friday.

    Her head told her today that her pay will change from September.

    I've read this:


    but it is not really clear. How are Inset days / Staff meetings / Parents evening going to fit into this.

    It could be a good thing for those teachers who work mornings only but not those who work afternoons?!
  2. My wife works part time (0.6 Monday to Wednesday) and job shares with another teacher who works 0.4 Thursday/Friday.

    Her head told her today that her pay will change from September.

    I've read this:


    but it is not really clear. How are Inset days / Staff meetings / Parents evening going to fit into this.

    It could be a good thing for those teachers who work mornings only but not those who work afternoons?!
  3. nosignoflife

    nosignoflife Occasional commenter

    I'm probably being daft, but I can't see how tis substantially changes things - for example your wife will still be teaching 60% of the teaching hours of the week, so, if I understand it right, (which I probably don't) her pay will be exactly the same. I'm hoping so, as I am 0.4! Can anyone make this any clearer?
  4. nosignoflife

    nosignoflife Occasional commenter

    Just had a thought (steady on) Perhaps it's just putting this into the STPCD, maybe there's nothing there at the moment?
  5. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I'd tend to agree, someone working 3 days will find that little changes - they will still work 3 days, and therefore should be teaching 3/5ths of the timetable of a full-time member of staff.

    It is true that someone currently working afternoons only on a 0.5 contract may find that their recalculated pay (if this is incorporated into STPCD this summer) drops.
  6. I have one member of staff who works a day and an afternoon. On the new calculation she will be working for 28.988888% of the week, where she is currently paid as for 30%. How accurate do LAs expect the calculation to be?
    However, the advice from our LA seems to clarify (for me at least) the issue regarding Directed Time. In that if a PT teacher works for say 30% of the week they are liable to be available for 30% of Directed Time, over the year.

    ROSIEGIRL Senior commenter

    I know I'm always banging on about this - sorry!

    How would the changes to directed time apply to days when part timers don't work - could we be directed to work on our non-working days? This would present a real problem for many part-timers who have child-care or family issues on those days. Not to mention those who have other jobs or do supply.
  8. as the new system is based on sessions rather than days, i would argue that a part timer would be protected to that ratio of 380 sessions with pupils and that ratio of10 sessions without
  9. Its simple.... you work 0.x of each week. You can't be made to come in any more than that. You can be directed to be available for extra hours on the days that you do work up to 0.x of directed time.

    If you work 3 days a week, you work THREE DAYS A WEEK. You will have a directed time budget of 759 hours per annum. That's 19 1/2 hours a week. Most school days have 6 hours of directed time, so your head can direct you for an additional 1 1/2 hours.

    What isn't clear is whether the directed time budgets of full timers and part timers need to be equitable.... ie if the head allows full timers 60 hours a year as a reserve, should part timers be allowed a similar proportion or can they be shafted to the max as they have always been.

    Heads should be very reluctant to go down the route of saying that 0.6 means that directed time can be converted into 'extra' days of attendance since most part timers are already wotking more than that anyway.

    My wife is 0.4, but because of the number of 'part weeks' we work, she has worked at least 2 more days each year and will continue to do so (at least for as far inyto the future that the LEA have published school holiday dates).
  10. The document from my LA reads as follows:
    "..so 60% of the Directed Hours of a FT teacher amounts to 759 hours directed time for the PT teacher. A straightforward deduction of the DT hours required for the STTW across the school year (585 hours, or 15 hours per week, multiplied by 39 weeks) provides the remaining available DT for the PT teacher in the school year (759-585=174 hours)."
    The clear implication here is that the school can direct the PT teacher for those 174 hours. Whether the PT teacher can be Directed on days they do not usually, or are not contracted, to work is an unanswered or unasked question.
  11. The 15 hours you quote is teaching time only. Once you remove all the directed time before and after sessions, collective worship and playtimes, the figure will be at least 17 hours, and probably 18 - 5.5 - 6 hours seems the norm.

    That leaves 50 - 90 hours, depending on the school day. Thats somewhere between 1.5 hours and 2.25 hours.

    and, no, you cannot be directed to attend any meetings or activities on days that you don't work.
  12. alm721

    alm721 New commenter

    What are the rules then regarding inset days etc that do not fall on the days you work. Assuming that you are happy to come in and do them would you expected to be paid under the new rules or would schools argue that they could count as directed time if that makes sense?
  13. You'd still get paid.

    I expect that some heads will take the opportunity to shaft their staff for the sake of a few pounds, but there is a whole raft of legislation to protect part time workers.

    If your head ever asks you to come in on your day off for an INSET, just sit down and work calculate how many days you are working that year....

    eg 0.6 = 114 days plus 3 insets thats a TOTAL of 117, most part timers are already exceeeding that before you even think about inset.
  14. how will this work..early years, currently expected in school 8.30-12.00, teaching time 2.5 hours per day within that 8.30-12.00 time slot, currently paid 0.5, plus expected to do half of all inset days.

    Working on a 17.5 hour week, am i not already over my contracted hours without additional inset days included or are the hours worked on teaching time only? I work out that currently i should be contracted for half of the 1265 hours...so 632.5..working on a 17.5 hour week i already do 682.5 hours???

    What will happen under the new proposals?

  15. You will gain. Your contract will need to be reassessed.

    Lets assume that afternoon teaching commitment in your school is 1 until 3.15 with an additional 15 minutes directed time at the end.

    Total teaching time: 23 hours and 20 minutes
    Your teaching time 12 hours and 30 minutes
    Your contract should be changed to 0.625. You should get a pay rise of 25%.

    To be honest, I'm surprised that you never kicked off about this earlier. You have been shafted.

    0.625 of directed time is 788 hours. You currently work 3.5 hours a day -thats 683 hours. That leaves 105 hours for all meetings - 2 and a half hours a week. I'm assuming that under equality laws that if full time colleagues have.for example, 60 hours for emergencies, you should have the same amount pro rata
  16. thanks grouch, but this is just accepted in EY'S i think we all work like this..the justification from my school, when i found that another teacher in main school was paid 0.59 for her morning teaching job (the same length of time in school as me), was that in EY we are 0.5 because we do 0.5 of a ey job, if there were another teacher, teaching in the afternoon, she too would be paid 0.5, because she would need to be in school to teach the same 2.5 hour session, plus non contact time...so the morning staff can't be paid more, because it would add up to more than 1.0!

    In my school, all main school staff do have to stay until 4.00pm
  17. i have posted this in EY too, seems to be some confuson over whether PT staff are subjected to directed time or not?

    At least, i would hope, that the new proposals will give clarification and allow discussion to open up about pt staff
  18. I'd contacy my union if I was you..... what they should gave done is to reduce both sessions slightly.
  19. Any one else having issues getting this change recognised for next academic year? No one at my school seems to know (or care) but this would have a big impact on my pay as I only work mornings (which are longer than afternoon sessions). I've worked out that I should be on .6 rather than the .5 I've been on for years. The timetabler just pulled a face and said I should speak to my union rep. I will, of course, but am fed up of having to fight for my rights. Does anyone know if this will be looked at by local authorities centrally rather than left up to individual schools?

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