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Part time pay and timetable conditions - I'm a bit confused........

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Jules_English, May 17, 2009.

  1. I had an interview this week for a part time post in secondary school that would be 0.6 of a full timetable and as I've never had a part time post before I'm a bit confused about it all.
    Will it literally be as simple as working out what I'd earn full time and then 0.6 would mean I'd be earning 60% of that salary?
    I'm also unsure as to whether I'd be entitled to any PPA time if I'm part time either?
    I'm still in negoitations with the school about it all as unless the timetable is right I can't accpet the post as I'll basically still need 2 free days to do supply work to bump my salary up. Initially the school had said that my timetable would need to fit in with 'the needs of the school' but when I came back to them and said I can't accept the post under those cirucumstances they're bending over backwards to make sure they fit everything into 3 full days.
    The other thing I'm worried about though is that they don't seem to finalise their time table until late in the year so they could potentially come back to me in August and the timetable might not be what I've asked for and then I'd be in a really difficult position as I wouldn't be able to accept the job and would have missed out on other posts [​IMG] The other thing I'm slightly worried about is although they're bending over backwards for me this year that could change next year and I could be left with an unworkable timetable and potentially in a tricky situation :/
  2. bessiesmith

    bessiesmith Occasional commenter

    For the sake of yourself and the school you both need to know asap that you will definitely be able to start the job in September. If the only way that you will accept the job is for it to be fitted into three days then the school needs to either agree that they will do this and therefore the job is yours - or that they can't guarantee this - in which case I suggest you decline now in time to get something else and then the school also has a chance to find someone else.
    Re the following year - I know some part timers have an agreement in their contract over how their hours work - hopefully you can come to a similar arrangement with the school.
    You will get 10% of your teaching time as PPA - so pro rata the same as everyone else.
    Salary is not 60% because the tax and NI contributions work out slightly differently. Tafkam on here has a salary calculator - do a search for it and put in your hours to work out what you get.
  3. lucykate5

    lucykate5 New commenter

    You are entitled to ppa time- all teachers with responsibility for teaching classes are entitled to 10 percent of timetabled teaching time, regardless of whether you are full time, part time, temporary etc. I work three days and get 10% ppa time, asking for it ,after checking with my union if it was definitely a legal entitlement, even if a teacher is part time. It is!

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