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Part time - parents' evening on non-working day

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by kathrynfletcher0811, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. kathrynfletcher0811

    kathrynfletcher0811 New commenter

    I've just got my first parents' evening slip for this academic year and they always take place on a Thursday, which is my day off.

    I feel that I'm expected to attend and nothing has been mentioned to me since they told me my working days ay the end of last year. I was given Thursday as my day off and I should have mentioned this then but I kept putting it off.

    How would you go about raising this? Do I have to attend and will it be frowned upon if I say it's not a day I work and I can't attend? I am a single parent to a four year old and would need to arrange childcare.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    assuming your school follows STPCD:
    paragraph 51.9 makes it clear you cannot be directed to work on days off. Full stop.

    51.9. Subject to paragraph 51.10, no teacher employed part-time may be required to be available for work on any day of the week or part of any day of the week on which the teacher is not normally required to be available for work under their contract of employment (whether it is for the purposes of teaching pupils and performing other duties or for the sole purpose of performing other duties).

    Do you have an in-school union rep? If so, speak to them as it is highly likely they will have met this scenario before.

    If you do decide NOT to attend, bear in mind that you can still be asked to contact any parents who wished to see you, using some of your directed time for this purpose.
    Hence hwy some part timers DO elect to work a parents evening on their day off, but would expect to get paid for doing so.
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  3. friarsyear1

    friarsyear1 New commenter

    I’m in a job share as well. I didn’t go to the evenings as they were on days I don’t work. I did see a couple of parents on the day I do work which worked out nicely
  4. CDMforever

    CDMforever New commenter

    I do a job share and am paid for the hours I work during parents' evening.

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