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Part time NQT

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by tjsmith2102, May 25, 2020.

  1. tjsmith2102

    tjsmith2102 New commenter

    Hi, I really need some advice.

    I have been offered 2 days a week as an nqt with the remainder of the week acting as cover or LSA. This is in a school that I work in so I am familiar with it.

    I am a bit disappointed but can see the benefits with work load etc... I have also relocated so the drive is an hour.

    I love the school I’m in but worried about getting evidence etc... needed and I’m aware that extends the time I’m an NQT. I just want to hear of people’s experiences doing this part time. I’m not happy about applying for other schools without being able to look around.

    Is anyone else finding it hard getting a job due to the Coronavirus?

    Advice, experiences much appreciated.
  2. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Established commenter

    The biggest issue is the length of time to complete your NQT year. You won't be able to move off M1 for several years, so the school will be getting a great deal financially.

    Make sure you get your 20% reduced teaching timetable.

    Take all CPD offered and make the most of it because the cover supervisor role won't entitle you to any but the NQT role will.
  3. hms16031

    hms16031 New commenter

    I'm in a similar position, just accepted the post yesterday. I'm excited to start and feel as though this part time role is perfect for me considering how placements were so abruptly cut short due to the virus. I'm trying to see it as a positive that I will be able to develop more as a teacher before potentially taking on a full time role.
    Gsr25 likes this.
  4. Gsr25

    Gsr25 Occasional commenter

    Same here. I have taken a 3 day a week role which is what I wanted as I am no hurry to rush through the NQT year and I have other responsibilities that need my attention also.

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