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Part Time NQT and moving Pay Scales

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by wowgeek, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. wowgeek

    wowgeek New commenter

    If you are part time NQT, does your pay increase to M2 after your first school year or at the end of your induction, or is it not linked to either?
    * I started my NQT role part time (0.6) in Sep 2010.
    * I then moved to full time from September 2011, my pay is in line with M1 still.
    * I completed my induction in December 2011.
    My pay has not increased although my head seems happy for it to. Our office manager contacted payroll and was told they only change pay scales in September. So I gues this means I wait for September where I coiuld potentially be a year behind in my pay steps or it gets backdated to September last year.
    I spoke to the TDA who say it is purely a school decision and that they can put it up when they want and budgets allow.
    I intend to talk to my head but just wondered if anyone has done their NQT part time or knows what should happen in this scenario?
    I thought the increases we essentially set in stone if you are meeting your requirements in your role so it came as a bit of shock to realise that it may not at all!
    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Wowgeek
    If I understand correctly, you should have gone up to M2 in September 2011.... going up the pay scales depends only on having been in a post for more than 26 weeks in the academic year (not completing NQT or having worked a full time year).
    I hope this helps
  3. wowgeek

    wowgeek New commenter

    Thanks for the quick reply Liz and for your help. [​IMG]

  4. Hi wowgeek,
    If you are teaching in a state school then you should have moved to M2 in September 2011, regardless of being PT or an NQT. You should move to M3 in Sept 2012.
    You are also entitiled to claim back pay from Sept 2011 to whenever the LA move you to M2 (should be immediate).
    The only time this wouldn't happen automatically if if you are on M6 and ready to move to threshold or if you are in an independant/academy/free school. Whoever you spoke to at the TDA is wrong!
  5. wowgeek

    wowgeek New commenter

    Definitely my next stop. I really don't think my leadership team have had a situation like this before. Depending on how my next discussion with my head on Monday goes I will get in touch with my union.
  6. wowgeek

    wowgeek New commenter

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply. Hopefully this will
    all be resolved soon. I expect what has happened is that payroll changed my contract to full time without then updating my payscale. With a bit of luck school won't make a big deal out of it.

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