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Part-time job share Brighton

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by vicmac, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. vicmac

    vicmac New commenter

    I am a primary teacher living in Australia and after many years and a second child returning to UK. I have been teaching on a job share for the past 3 years in Sydney where the public/state system is very supportive of mothers returning to work. I completed my NQT year in London many years ago but since then been out of UK. Moving to Brighton to get family help with 2 kids, hooray! Been scouring TES and Brighton council sites for ideas of jobs but seem so few roles part time which worries me as I can't commit to full time for a few more years and need/want to work! I know supply is obvious possibility but would love own class. Never worked in private schools but need to be open minded to all possibilities.

    Anyone got any advice?
  2. marmiteandcheese

    marmiteandcheese New commenter

    Hi, I was in a similar position to you and got very disheartened by all the full-time jobs posted but no part-time, so I emailed every school near me who was advertising a full-time position, said a very tiny bit about myself in the email mentioned the word 'experienced' etc. Out of 40 emails I got one back, and they offered me a part-time job share within 5 minutes of meeting me. It is 10 mins from my house and 2 days a week. The head said she was impressed by my initiative in emailing on the off chance, so it might be worth you doing the same.
  3. vicmac

    vicmac New commenter

    Great, thanks for your advice. And well done!

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