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Part time job after maternity leave - job sharing and finding a job

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by PinkPencils, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. PinkPencils

    PinkPencils New commenter

    I am (very reluctantly!) returning to work after maternity leave - my current school is small so can't accommodate my wish for 3 days so I have started looking for another job.
    1. Is it worth sending my CV to local schools? Is this a complete no no or could a job possibly come from this?
    2. I have a friend who is also on maternity leave who is looking to job share (a different school to myself, but the same year group - again her school won't accommodate her wish to job share) - would schools who have advertised for a full time vacancy ever consider taking on two teachers instead of one?!
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    We'll start with the congratulations on that (not so new now) baby, and hope that you are getting your breath back now that s/he is getting older.

    Q1 Read this and see what you think.

    Writing speculative letters and sending CVs to schools, just in case . . .

    Q2 Yes indeed! In fact you could, the pair of you, even start off by asking your own schools if the other could join you as a Job Share asap. Already friends and same year group - looks as though the Communication issue would be a lot less, especially if one of you already knows the school well.

    So get together and draft a letter, which you then send to your Heads, to see what the outcome is.

    Obviously, you hope it would be your school, she hopes it would be hers . . . ;)

    Best wishes


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