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part-time dilemma following maternity leave

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by ilovetheweekend, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I'm due to return after maternity leave in May. I ve had confirmation that I can return part-time but i've not been told which days im working (or what i'm doing) This is causing lots of problems with child care and i'm about to lose my childminder because I can't confirm days, when another person can. Decent, local childminders are like gold dust here so we're desperate to not lose this one.
    Is there a time limit as to when a school needs to notify you as to days you are working?
    I ve sent HT lots of emails and even a text and he has ignored every single one of them. I've sent my union an email asking the above question but they also have nt replied, although only sent it on Friday.

  2. Cant answer your question butan obvious solution seems to be to go to the school tomorrow for a "visit" and speak to the Head directly where he cant avoid you. Some people in life just need to be cornered
  3. when my part time hours were granted, i asked for my 3 days to be consecutive. The HT got in touch with a week or so and offered me Mon Tues or Wed or Wed,ThursFri. This was in the May when i was returning to work in July. I actually asked nursery to hold a full time place and then changed the days when i found out.
    I agree tho with going to see the Head. Personally, I'd make an appointment and say why you are coming rather than just turn up to be told that it's not sorted yet

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