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Part Time Days This Year?!

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by pink1976cat, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    I work .6, mon/tue/wed. For some reason, this year all the in-services in our authority are on a Thursday and Friday .
    Can anyone help me with working out whether I'm obliged to pay public holidays back and whether I'm obliged to attend in services if they're not on my days. I have no available childcare.
    I've no idea why the authority have done this!
    Many thanks xx
  2. alanuk

    alanuk New commenter

    Hi, from working alongside PT colleagues this year, I know they have a certain quota of inservice days to attend (probably pro-rata). As I know late on in the year some of the teachers who worked on days that the inservice fell, didn't have to come in because they had met their quota.
  3. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if we have to pay back public holidays if too many (over pro rata) fall on our work days?
  4. alanuk

    alanuk New commenter

    I can text my friend to ask her, she has been PT for a number of year so should have a good idea. So do you want to know if bank holidays fall on your normal work days do you owe this time back to school? As far as I can recall, I worked alongside two staff members, one worked Mon/Tue and the other worked Wed/Thu/Fri.
    None of them ever came in "extra" days to make up if the holiday fell on a day they'd normally work, although, I have a funny feeling it did affect their pay.
  5. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    Hi, that would be amazing. Id be really grateful. It's different between part time and job share . I only work those three days and don't have a job share partner. Yes, basically, if I get more that 3/5 of my entitlement to purely the public holidays, do I need to pay those back? Thanks so much!
  6. alanuk

    alanuk New commenter

    Hey, sorry if this isn't much help because my friend has replied but said she has never been in this position before where the inset days are always on the same days and that she agrees it's very strange and a pain when it comes to childcare, also that what she is contracted to might be different in your local authority but anyway her reply was:

    Her contract is 0.6 and she has to work 117 days over the year. She has to attend 3 inservice days which form part of her 117 days, so 114 days can be class committed and 3 days inservice during year to make her 117. She has always been lucky in that during the year, most of the inservice days have fallen on a Wednesday or Thursday which are days she works, so she can make her entitlement. The other 2 inset days throughout the year, she doesn't need to go to, even if they are on days she would normally work.

    She said that at start of every new school year, she checks the working time agreement to make sure she works her 117 days and that as long as you work your number of days and meet the inservice days you have to go to then you don't owe time back, but you only get paid for the amount of days you're contracted to work, so if some of these fall on public holidays then you should get paid for them but once you've reached your total amount of contracted days of 117, after that if some of the public holidays fall on days you would normally work, you don't get paid for.

    She also said that if your working pattern doesn't allow you to meet your contractual agreement to those 3 inservice days then your head teacher has to amend your working week that the inservice days falls on. So if it was a week that there was an inservice day, your HT might say to you not to work the Wednesday, so you could come in on the Thu or Fri for the inservice day.

    Hope that's of some help?!
  7. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    That's such a great amount of information Alan and I really appreciate the time you took to do this, thank you.
    The EIS have said that you're not obliged to come in on days that you don't normally work on. I got an answer a couple of days ago. You might want to get your friend to check this out if it impacts on her.
    I will calculate my days now, as she advised. Thanks very much again :)
  8. Mayar

    Mayar New commenter

    I have the same problem as I work Wed/Thur/Fri. 4 of our in-service days are on a Mon/Tues. I spoke to my head and she was adamant that I had to do 3 of these days because I am contractually obliged to. I tried to explain that if I work those 2 days then then I will work more days than I am supposed to. Tough was the response and that is what happens you work part time.
    I have looked at my contract and it doesn't say anything about working pro-rata on in-service days. I spoke to the EIS and they informed me that I only ever go into school on a Wed/Thur/Fri. If my head wants me to attend then I have to negotiate a day off or to be paid. It also means that if you work a Mon/Tue you have to attend every Mon/Tue even if it is an in-service day. The EIS said that this pro-rata of in-service days is an urban myth.
    However if a parents' night fall on I day I don't work then I have to attend but that is done on a pro-rata. As for holidays I get 2 of the 5 and my job share gets 3 so she will have to work 1 of my days to make up for this.

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