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Part-time after maternity leave

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Kat1991, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Kat1991

    Kat1991 New commenter

    Evening all,
    I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and during this crazy time I have a lot of time to reflect on what I would like to do when I return to work next summer.
    My little boy will be ready to start pre-school in the September and I would like to be around for him as much as possible without him always being in pre-post child care. Ideally I would like to negotiate working 5 days a week but only up until lunchtime (ideally finishing at 2pm on all 5 days). Has anyone successfully managed to negotiate similar conditions post-maternity or am I living in a dream world?
    All suggestions and experiences welcome!
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    A lot of it might depend on how much they want to keep you (whatever the rules about "sound business reasons").

    Primary or secondary?

    If secondary, difficult to timetable, although it may depend on the subject - if it's one that's not part of any "timetable blocks", there's a better chance. But it may be worth asking whether you could have some early finishes. Another factor is the overall staffing levels in your department - if you're overstaffed, you going part-time may save money, but if you're not, then someone from another department or someone new has to pick up your hours.

    If primary, it's not going to work as a jobshare, as who would want to just do afternoons? However maybe the last hour could be covered by a deputy head (if you have someone with a roughly 1 day teaching load) or HLTAs (although it's rather a lot of time for that). The other possibilities are if you can do PPA cover - but I think that would have to be finish at the end of the morning - or if you have a 2.5 class arrangement whereby 2 large year 6 classes are split into three for the morning but just two for the afternoon. It would depend a lot on your school and its budget, and on willingness of the school to consider it. If the budget is tight, and they're looking at ways to save costs, one of those ideas might run.

    Other things to consider:
    What's your childcare for the little one? You might find that you're paying for a full-time nursery place on a part-time salary.
    If you end up sharing a class with you teaching until 2pm, you will inevitably shoulder most of the administrative load, even if the other person does the planning. You'll be doing all the core subjects, the reports, etc.
    Parents will not be able to catch you at the end of the day, which could be a problem.
    The rules on after-school meetings are a bit unclear for those who work part days. You can't be expected to go in on a day when you don't work, but you'd be working every day. If they're going to insist on attending meetings, you might as well work to the end of the day on meeting day.
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