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Parking ticket

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Lilyofthefield, May 9, 2011.

  1. In fairness, I was over the line. That's what's holding me back. I think the fine for inconveniencing no-one is completely disproportionate, and I think the markings are not helpful. Whether that constitutes a defence is what confuses me.
  2. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    I parked in a car park I thought was council owned. I put my money in the machine and got no ticket and couldn't get my money back. I phoned the number on the machine and they were incredibly rude and said I'd have to write to get my money back. I did so, and also demanded the cost of my call and the stamp. I'm still trying to get the money out of them nearly a year later. These private companies are all crooks but they know they can't enforce their so called 'fines'. Don't pay.
  3. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    You do not have to pay and there is nothing - nothing they can do. Your mistake was contacting them as they will now threaten you will all sorts of court action and extra costs - just ignore it all.
  4. Never just ignore it! threaten them with legal action!
  5. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    Yes, if you are tough. Once they have your full contacts details they can get very, very nasty as their ONLY way to get the money is to bully people into paying. I think Lily said she has already researched that this company does use bully boy tactics and sure, if you can handle those by all means fight back....otherwise I'd still think ignoring them is best.
  6. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    Have you never taught kids who crossed the line and believed it would hold them back in later life.lil? What do you think the Jobcentre would ever manage to get them into employment as other than car park attendants? This is their payback time for the years you abused them in the classroom.
    The brighter kids you scraped through with the assistance of the corrupt school management to get a C grades now have jobs working in car park management with their own agenda to catch up and get on in life and arn't going to listen to any voice of reason or hard luck tale.
    You had the opportunity to beat the **** out of them when they were young and small enough to clout, yet never took it.
    You have only yourself to blame, and you know it it.
    Next problem please:

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

  8. I was reminded on another thread about this, and meant to let you know the outcome in case it would be of assistance to anyone else.
    Before the holidays I got a letter from them saying that were adding the late payment charge on and that if I didn't pay up they'd take me to court for it. A colleague whose husband is a solicitor said "Here, give that to me. I'll get XXX to write them a letter."
    The upshot was that they had a fragile, easily-contestable legal basis for doing me in the first place and none at all for levying a late payment charge. I had put together a defence after the event which would have been OK, apparently, had it gone to court.
    He said that there is more of a case if you've failed to pay to use the car park, but as this one is free anyway it wouldn't apply. He also said that I should never have contacted them in the first place and completely ignoring them - that particular firm especially - is the best thing to do, unless I'd tried to avoid paying, when unless the machine was provably broken etc, it's a fair cop.
    I'm sure that the free advice and solicitor's letter, which if it hadn't been free I wouldn't have been able to afford, helped a great deal.
  9. I agree with Dumpty, ignore them completely.
    Perhaps I am naive but I don't really understand why you're worried Lily. Is it an offense to park across the line? (as much as we wish it was when the supermarket is busy some t*at parks in two parking spaces [​IMG] ) You said yourself the space wasn't big enough and being just over the line wont necessarily stop someone from parking beside you.
    I can't abide companies like this, I wouldn't advise it but I would definately feel like taking legal action just to try and get the company shut down! You see this all the time on watchdog, the only people worse are clamping companies who don't give you chance to say 'fine I'll pay for the clamp to come off' and just call the tow truck instead! [​IMG]
  10. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    When my brother was visiting our Mum in the summer (just after Dad died), he parked behind he car (hers was under her own car port) and brother was in Mum's visiting space. He got clamped! Another visitor on the same development also got clamped. In the end one of the homeowners clamped the clamper's van and the police eventually turned up. They had to pay to get clamp released but police gave the inof to get the money back and they did.
    However, same company is now claiming £300 parking fees from my Mum for parking in her own space! She owns the space (as on her deeds). Mum even spoke to the local bobby (who was passing) and he ripped up all the letters and put them in the bin. They then started to phone her, demanding money, 3 or more times a day. BT changed her number free of charge and made her ex-directory.
    These guys are criminals......not even legalised criminals!
  11. There is a very good website which provides excellent advice and , if necessary, support on the subject of private parking tickets and other such matters. Go to . www.pepipoo.com - and then navigate to the "Private parking tickets and clamping" forum for a very interesting resource on these. If anyone here ever gets a demand from one of these private parking companies this is the place to go!
  12. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    I got a ticket from a private company when I was displaying a ticket, but had something partially obscuring one corner.
    I phoned Citizens Advice who advised me to pay!
    I researched about it online and got lots of good advice from the Martin Lewis site that said don't pay.
    I didn't pay, but had a moment of crisis every time a new letter arrived.
    I got...
    A letter saying I needed to pay the fine of £80 but that it would go down to £40 if paid promptly.
    A letter saying I needed to pay the full price as hadn't paid the first.
    A 'final warning' to pay otherwise they would take me to court.
    Another letter threatening court action and telling me it would reflect badly on my credit rating or some other nonesense . (This is what really tipped me off as the whole process just being a way of getting money out of you as at this point it should have been a court summons!)
    Another letter detailing what costs would be incurred by me if they lost.
    I stuck to my guns and now the letters have stopped. More than a year on I have heard nothing else.
    There have been hardly ANY cases of people being taken to small claims court by private companies.....and if they do, they are only allowed to claim reasonable costs i.e. the cost of the parking that you should have incurred, not the fine that they make up the value of.

  13. <font size="2">The late Mrs Dog got caught in a similar way. As she had parked with the front of her car against the wall, she thoughtfully put the stick-on parking ticket in the back window. When she returned, within the time, she found that she had a penalty notice, stuck on the windscreen. We wrote a letter to the Harrow council, which owned the car park, with a photocopy of the ticket. We received a letter in return, waiving the &pound;60 fine, but warning us the ticket should be placed in the same window as the tax disc. What b******s!</font><font size="2">The worse place for parking that I know is Rosebank Avenue, near Sudbury Hill tube station. At the entrance to this road no fewer than three local authority boundaries meet. Within a few yards, there a three different ticket machines, each belonging to the different LAs. You can easily park in a space, walk across the road to the nearest ticket machine (belonging to the wrong council) and end up with a fine!</font>
  14. Get Mr L to send a letter on your behalf, offering them &pound;2.50 'in full and final settlement', and crucially get him to send the cheque (preferably not from a joint account). This forms a relationship between them and Mr L - a totally different contract, if they cash the cheque then the matter is settled. If they persue you afterwards, you have a case for compensation.

    If they do not cash it, they have to get back to you ASAP to say they are not cashing it, not accepting it as an offer. But this is the interesting bit - if they tell you they are not accepting it Mr L may well have avalid complaint of breach of data protection. But if they correspond with Mr L they have made a third party contract and you have a data protection claim.


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