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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by homework, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. homework

    homework New commenter

    Been a while since anyone discussed Paris and a job has recently appeared at the school close to the Tower. Has anyone any experience working in the school or recently working in Paris in relation to the school itself and the cost of living vs the salary paid.
  2. Angelil

    Angelil Occasional commenter

    If it is the one I'm thinking of (beginning with K) then it is very new. I know the headteacher and several teachers at the school as they are all former colleagues. I still live and work in the Paris area and can confirm that the cost of living etc is generally expensive compared to the salary paid, although some things are very cheap (e.g. monthly metro pass).
  3. homework

    homework New commenter

    It begins with an "I". I'm just wondering if it's possible to make small savings whilst working for a good school in Paris.
  4. Angelil

    Angelil Occasional commenter

    Oh OK, the I one. It's going to be more possible to save a bit of money if you a) live with someone and b) live outside of Paris...rent is astronomical within the city limits.

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