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Parent's Evening

Discussion in 'Primary' started by headontheblock, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. We have just had a very successful Parent's Evening (well, technically two evenings). Successful in that the vast majority of the parents that completed the feedback form made positive comments and the teachers feel they have had good conversations.
    Many parents want their appointments to be longer than the 10 minutes we currently have - which I can understand. But I also know we have to manage the work/life balance of teachers.
    Is anyone 'doing it differently' that could help us improve?
  2. We do them all in one night and they have 5 minutes each. I NEVER fit it into 5 minutes and run over within the first few appointments, but generally catch up when there is a gap in appointments. I never get grumbles BUT the TAs who are in the hall directing people take the flak when we are running late bless them!
    I wouldn't want to make appointments any longer. What I will always do though, is offer a parent the chance to come and talk to me another time if what they wish to discuss will take longer. Very few of ours take me up on that offer so it doesn't create much extra workload.
  3. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    Ten minutes is a good time frame. Less than that, it's insulting to you and the parent. We give ours a feedback/target sheet on the night. It pretty much just says the stuff we talk about, but it lists what they child has done well at and three tthings to work on. They are brief, but helpful and parents have something to refer to so they can remember what we spoke about. Ours is split into autumn and spring on one sheet (helps you to remember what was said last time).

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