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parents evening and no child care!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bunnyrabbit, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Have posted in pay and conditions too!

    It is parents' evening next week, and I am really struggling to make arrangements for my young children. I work 0.5, mon tue and wed am. The first parents' evening is on the Tuesday. 5 - 7pm,( however last year it was half past eight before I actually left school). The second is on the Wednesday, 3.30 - 6pm. Usually it would not be too much of a problem, but my husband will be overseas, and we have no family anywhere near us (closest 130miles).
    I do have a childminder, and my children are usually collected at 5.15. My childminder does not work later than 6pm as she has her own commitments. On the Wednesday, I do not have any child care in place, as I collect from school, and my child minder has no spaces.
    I may be able to make arrangements for my children to go to a friend's house, but it is difficult trying to find someone to have 2 children, especially as that is bed time (my children are 4 and 6). What I am wondering is, can I walk out at 7pm (the timetabled finish for the last appointment), even if parents are still waiting? And for the Wednesday, as it is not my working time, do I have to attend? I do have a job share teacher, who can do the Wednesday, but it is expected that we both attend. Or could I take my children with me, and hope that they sit quiet for the whole time?
    I live too far from school to be able to drive back home, so even if I could find a babysitter (we rarely go out, so do not have a babsitter!), that would not help! Oh and should I claim for payment for the extra hours for the Wednesday parents evening, and the 'trapped time' in the Wednesday afternoon??
  2. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Hi bunny!
    Didn't want to just read and run, so here goes. I am totally sympathetic to your plight as I too have taught where no family members have lived, husband worked long hours etc. It's a really difficult juggling act, especially when things like parents' evenings are thrown into the mix!
    However, I do think you need some kind of back up plan in place, for when these things do inevitably arise. Taking your kids to a parents' evening isn't really an option and would look unprofessional. Isn't there a friend who could do it? ... or perhaps you could have a look on the childcare section of Netmums or Gumtree to find a babysitter/au pair. Alternatively, you could contact local nurseries to see if any of their staff members do afterhours babysitting privately. It's just a shame your childminder can't be a wee bit more flexible when the occasional thing crops up ...
    I see no problem with leaving a parents' evening at the scheduled time. Whenever one fell on my day off (as they invariably did!) I never asked for any extra payment, but I did find that SM was more supportive when I needed time off due to kids' illnesses, etc.
    Really hope you manage to sort something out. Good luck x
  3. Thanks so much for your reply!! My childminder is not being funny, just she has commitments with her own children, and on the Wednesday all of my friends take their kids to football/gymnastics activities. Anyway, hopefully have a solution. One of the TA's in school has offered to run a drop in creche for parents, and is happy to have my two lovely kids for the two hours! Hope they are well behaved! It does mean a mad dash to collect them both fro childminder on the Tue, and be back at school for 5, and on the Wed, I only work morning, so will have to collect my kids early from school to get there for half 3. Let's hope their school is OK with that! X
  4. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Hurrah! That sounds like a plan!
    Best wishes x

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