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Parents doing homework

Discussion in 'Independent' started by netmum, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. netmum

    netmum New commenter

    As a busy working parent I wish that school would stop setting homework that clearly requires parental input eg research a famous person - no problem if set as a project over the course of a week or two including a visit to school library to find suitale book ec.
    But set on a Friday to be handed in on a Monday - that requires mum or Dad to google (sorry but I am not allowing my 6 year old free access to the internet) and print off the results (not saying anything about what that is teaching children anyway that it is OK to cut and paste from wiki!!!!
  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    That is a funny post. Do you see the irony in it?
  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    No, not at all because of that.
    You decide which sites your child will access ( although I would personally question any school that sets homework for a 6 year old that needs the internet - although this does seem to be your interpretation ). You are already influencing what he or she will see, read, interpret and use. The information is being filtered through your eyes. And then you question the school setting work which requires cutting and pasting from wikipedia.
    You are doing all the cutting and pasting. Your child has nothing to do with it.
  4. As has been said by another poster, just set lots of tests and judge the students on those. I'm always very open with my students about this and tell them that Maths is exam based and that I'm under no illusion that some will copy or get parental help.
  5. netmum

    netmum New commenter

    I am totally confused by what you are saying.
    My children do not have free access to the interne tthey are allowed to use Cbeebies and lLub Penguin and a couple of of other pre-vetted childrfen's sites but the only way it was possible to complete this particular piece of homework was to sit with him and google. (Libraries are not open on Sundays) I personally refused to do this on principle and was going to write a note in to say why but my husband and all the other parents did so, so that the children could complete the homework.

    My point was that schools should NOT set homework that requires a parent to do all the work unless you tink a 6 year old is capable of digesting information from a website aimed at adults and writing a summary of it in their own words.

  6. jubileebabe

    jubileebabe New commenter

    I have kids who readily describe working together on questions too. Just last week two children handed in identical pieces of homework describing what they had done the last weekend claiming they worked together. Both children has written beautiful accounts of their birthday party but when I questioned the weaker of the two children, she told me her birthday was in August!
    Another child in the same class handed me a worksheet with lines through half of the (correct) answers and "corrections" written above. When questioned as to why she changed the answers she told me her dad told her the original answers were wrong! At least that child has never asked her dad for help again!
  7. There is a difference between finding websites on google and going straight to wikipedia for a bit of cut and paste. I imagine that the teacher was not expecting cut and paste from wikipedia. Rather do soem research on reputable websites and type or write up summary in own words. I would suspect that the teacher suggested a or some reputable websites, such as the bbc history website - which would have been excellent for that type of activity.

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