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Parents disagreeing with your decisions

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by brookes, May 6, 2011.

  1. Yr 9s have just started GCSE and I've re-grouped the sets according to their FFTD target grades. As a new HOD I've decided that attainment will now be regularly assessed and centrally recorded, so that I can monitor the students for intervention. (This is good practice which I believe is fairly normal in most schools). A few parents have rung up about their child moving down, and all but one pair have accepted my explanations. This one family want their daughter put back up now. I explained that there are limited spaces and asked if they agreed it was reasonable to see how she does in the first few topic assessments (in terms of attainment and effort) before making the decision and the reply was no. I've agreed to meet them in school next week as they asked. However, I'm wondering what others would do in this situation. Obviously, I want the best for the child, and if she shows the potential, certainly want her to have the opportunity to exceed her target. However, I want this for all my students. I want my decisions to be objective and not just because the parents are putting pressure on me. What would you do, or have you done, in this kind of situation?
  2. Again riddled with flaws and an emotive outlook.Your docotorate is not in education nor is your experience that of a professional in the education sector. Regardless of people thinking my posts are rude I hold by my original thoughts.
    Why have you not found a cure for the worlds leading conditions? thats what you do isnt it? provide a service to us?
    This equally as uneducated set of questions is similar to the suggestions being made.I see the situation from the outside and decide I kow what I expect as someone paying for healthcare
    We as teachers are professionals and certainly those in the position of a HoD will be experieced. Its good to show an interest, its not good to be the armchair Manager of the England football team....Everybody is ood at that.

  3. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    Sorry Betamale. Respect lots of what you've written on this forum, but this is OTT. Turps is just a parent offering an opinion. Take it or leave it.
  4. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    Again, just completely unnecessary. This is why this forum is goign downhill, because of lack of respect for other people's points of views. In turpg001 first post, they gave a parents point of view, which to be honest I can't see any issue with. Your contribution to this thread has been
    "IMO its key to clarify that the majority of parents are not education professionals and to question your judgement based on their (often) uneducated, emotive judgements is not acceptable beyond an initial quibble.
    Use your professional judgement and remember, in a cohort of 200 plus per year (in many schools), you wont please all the parents all the time..."
    I don;t really know how you can generialse like this. In the schools I have worked in we have welcomed parental discussion. It's people with an attitude like this that give teachers a bad name. It is clearly written by someone who thinks they know everything and that parent's don't really have a point of view. I think this statement is flawed and if I was reading this as a parent of a child at your school I would be disgusted. At no point as far as I can see have you actually contributed something positive to this thread.
    Indeed there are many professionals on here who have commented that the OP should not be setting by FFT targets. Indeed most contributers say this is the last thing they look at. So just maybe the OP has got this setting wrong and just maybe the parents of these students are correct and I think they have every right for a justification for this decision to be moved down. You fail to say how you would set students and if you think the policy of setting by targets is sensible.
    I think we need to be encouraging people to post on these forums, not putting them off. Before you say this post is likely to be riddled with flaws and an emotive outlook. Why post if you have nothing constructive to say. You don't even say at any point what angered you so much about the first post.
    All you say is "this is naive"
    And then you say
    "2 posts now, 2 sh*te ones
    See if we can go for a third equally as devoid of reality and oh so typical of an uneducated parent"
    How can you say stuff like this. Its unfair, unrational and your comments give teachers on this board a bad name.
    Rant over!!!!!
  5. Im sorry you feel that way.
  6. This was hardly a case of all teachers on the forum ganging up on one parent

    One poster completely agreed, a number of us discussed

    And one poster was very anti the parent's view ... hardly a forum going downhill

    You seem to have done similar to betamale ... taken one person's views, disagreed with them and extrapolated to all
  7. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    I've been posting on this forum for nearly 11 years now, and I have notice quite a few threads lately just descend into attacks because they don't agree etc... Whether this is actually the case is another matter, but is certainly my perception at the moment.
    I've taken the stance that I have and this is the first occasion that I can remember that I have doen this because I feel as did googolplex that betamale was out of order with his comments. I don't really know what point you are making resource finder about "taken one person's views, disagreed and extrapolated to all". I haven't been abusive to betamale, I haven't called other posters names, I haven't sworn etc.... So I don;t think I have done the same as what betamale has done. But that is my opinion.

  8. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    I joined under a different alias about 6 years ago. One of my first comments, as well as complimenting the forum for the goodwill, help and sharing of excellent resources that went on, was about the amount of bickering that went on - it seemed to me that many posts, even then, resorted to slagging matches.
    So, I can't comment on 11 years ago, but there was certainly no halcyon era 6 years back.
    Twas ever thus...?
  9. Betamale was strong in his condemnation of the other poster's views

    Most people continued the discussion

    If you removed betamale's comments from the thread would you still se this thread as an example of "the forum going downhill"

    How can one person's comments extrapolate to that theory
  10. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    Fair point. I've said all I wanted to say on this matter now.
    I'm hpping the OP has taken some good points from it.
    Best Wishes

  11. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    Very good post.
    That sums it up very well.
    Use of FFTd is a whole other story, lots of food for thought there! Could be a long and passionate thread on that!
  12. Hi
    With all due respect if you are to have one I feel its imprtant that you appreciate others may have them and differing ones at that.
    Its a democracy, we disagree here, my comments are not going to be liked by many yet at the same time they are what I believe and have been stated. I dont think your personal attack on me made your words as powerful as they could have been as you were expressing equally strong condemnation of someones views.
    Anyhow, we move on. I hold my thoughts and have not altered my outlook on the situation after years of experience and and they values I have of the professional role of a teacher (and especially a HoD)

  13. mmmmmaths

    mmmmmaths New commenter

    ....its not good to be the armchair Manager of the England football team.......!!!!!!!!
    I am a parent, my role as a parent is to prepare my offsprng to take on the role of an adult. I take that role seriously. mmmmmjunior's education/development along the path to becoming an adult comes from many sources including the formal education he recieves at school.
    I consider myself to know more about mmmmmjunior than any of his teachers. If I think they are wrong I will (and have ) discussed the issues with them. It does not matter one bit that I know nothing about their subject area of expertise or how they do things. I speak to them as a parent not as a member of the profession. Similarly I have in the past questioned NHS issues and am glad that I did.
    If mmmmmmmjunior is the England football team then I am certainly the armchair manager and I am proud of it.

  14. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    I am sure that you believe this with complete sincerity, as most parents do.
    However, you are wrong. As someone who has taught in boarding schools for nearly two decades and lives with students, I have yet to meet a parent who knows more about all aspects of a childs development and learning potential than his teachers - myself included as one of those parents, as a parent of two young children.
    You certainly will know more about your child's personality than any other if your child is in a day school, but you will not know about his or her subject specific abilities. As a whole, your child's teachers will have a remarkably accurate and insightful view of how your child is.

  15. But, presumably, nothing about the other 150+ kids in his year

    So if a school ranks him as 65 in his year he will go in set 3 ... you knowing him or his skills in the subject become irrelevant ... your knowledge that being in set 3 might upset him is relevant to the way you deal with it at home but should not effect the setting

    You were probably talking about wider issues ... and I agree with you that parents should discuss issues with school
  16. Sorry, I disagree with most of that but respect you have this opinion of your position.
  17. Well, in fact, it does!
    How many times have you been faced with a parent who thinks their little darling is much more able than you perceive and implicitly or otherwise questions your judgement?
    In my own experience, parents are generally ignorant of their child's strengths and weaknesses in maths
  18. weggster

    weggster New commenter

    Back to the original point:
    Setting using FFT ionly can be very dangerous.
    Use the KS3 data to help set. I ask staff (before the NCT or similar) to tell me what sets the cohort should go into.
    We then begin setting and use their KS3 results, FFT and in house results during the year to help finalise the setting.
    On the parent front you shoudl present your case to them. Listen to their concerns and agree that you will monitor what is going on. They are fighting for their child.
    We have this problem usually with Year 7 where a child comes in at Level 5 and ends up in Set 2. I just have to explain that the child is very able, we will stretch them in set 2 but their are 30+ better students who are already in Set 1.
    I've held my ground and have a head who doesn't interfere. If parents are still not happy with my decision I tell them that they can take it up with the head if they wish. I also say that I won't take it personally if they do and I can understand that they wish to fight for their child.
    Luckily I've been HoD here for 7 years (and 5 years elsewhere) so I have "experience" on my side. I still get parents who disagree but we tend to finish the conversation with me saying I'll be in regular contact (e-mail usually) and that I hope I'm proved wrong (it does happen).
    The parental view is important, having them onside even more so.
    On a different note: I've been watching this site since approx 1997 and used to be on here more a 4-5 years ago. There were lots of slanging matches back then and various cliques just like any other forum elsewhere on the internet.
    Just remember that it doesn't really matter what you say on here. Everyone talks rubbish and we all think we are more important than we actually are.

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