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Parents' denial

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by JasonArganaut, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. JasonArganaut

    JasonArganaut New commenter

    I have a child in my class who has displayed unusual behaviours since she started in reception. She is now in year 3. She is a good reader and is very able with maths. However, her writing is completely illegible and she will spend most of the day not focusing and tapping two pencils together. When asked why she does this she has responded that it brings "good memories" She is also unable to get herself dressed or undressed without help.
    Play time she doesn't play with anybody, I have tried to engage her in play but she says she needs a break after a while and prefers to be on her own.
    When the parents have been approached they have become aggressive and denied their child needing any help. They have not attended any parents' evenings either. I do believe this is a form of neglect as their child clearly has barriers to learning but without their consent we are not able to to provide adequate support. This child child does attend fine motor skills and handwriting interventions three times a week but this has not had any effect on her progress.
    I have spoken to the senco but they have confirmed that without parental involvement there is nothing we can do.
    I have grave concerns that this child will not make the progress they need to.
  2. Jonesygirl

    Jonesygirl New commenter

    Have you tried using many of the strategies that would be used in SEN, such as task board, chunked tasked, frequent rewards, movement breaks...in an effort to help the child focus? This may bring surprising results.
  3. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Are the dressing/undressing difficulties a motor skills issue?

    I'd just be slightly concerned that the parents' refusal to engage might be masking something going on at home which might be contributing to the difficulty focusing. The "good memories" thing slightly worries me too - does she struggle for positive feelings? I might be having a word with the safeguarding lead, just in case - it's only be a niggling worry, and it might be nothing, but worth mentioning.

    Can you pursue non-attendance at parents' evenings with offers of an appointment at a time to suit them? If it was something being offered to "anyone who couldn't come" then it might not seem like their child being singled out, at least. Then you can do the thing of praising all the things she's good at, as well as looking at the concerns.

    They must be aware by now that the handwriting is an issue.
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  4. Flanks

    Flanks Senior commenter

    If you are concerned for neglect at any level then this needs to be reported to your DSL. If you are the DSL and you are unsure what to do then you can call the DSL Advice line to ask for advice about the child anonymously so that you can speak without being worried about consent from parents.

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