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parents choosing their child's teacher

Discussion in 'Primary' started by speaker2, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. speaker2

    speaker2 Occasional commenter

    The school receptionist has been responding to parents' verbal enquiries about what certain teachers are like by telling them things such as "that teacher is strict"- now the receptionist does not think that is a negative, but some parents might. Also, there is a general trend at this time of year for longer-established members of staff who are class tecahers to pass on their opinions to parents about which teacher would suit their child the best .However, newer members of staff tend to be left out of this chain of gossip and inevitably, the newer members of staff are therefore viewed with suspicion, unfriendly or not good enough. I think that there should be a professional distance between staff and parents which this type of gossip goes beyond. Parents have now been trying to tell senior managemet which class their child should be in for September when they move up a year. Do you think it is acceptable professionally for a school receptionist or teachers to be passing theiropinions on to parents in such a ? Do you think that SMT should give in to the parents who shout the loudest about which class their child goen into, if it could be based on a general school gate gossip?
  2. No and no.
    How the hell has the receptionist got the right to comment on teacher performance? Has she ever been and worked with all of these teachers? Very poor practice and the receptionist needs to be told so.
  3. Absolutely! As do the teaching staff involved.
    What a dreadful state of affairs.
  4. Am shocked beyond words! Definitely NOOOOOOO!
  5. Providing this post isn't a complete wind up....
    In our school the secretary would be in serious trouble for doing anything of the sort.
  6. Surely the OPs orginal post is a wind up? If not then very unprofessional at best and should not be allowed to continue.
  7. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Hard to believe!
  8. If they were my staff, I would be having a very serious word about their professionalism and conduct. It is up to the Headteacher how staff are deployed in a school.
  9. quote user="praha" Parents have now been trying to tell senior managemet which class their child should be in for September when they move up a year. Do you think it is acceptable professionally for a school receptionist or teachers to be passing their opinions on to parents in such a (way) ?

    First part - Some parents always try that.
    Second part - That's disgraceful!
    Personal opinion - Would parents like the secretary to share our opinions about them and their children? How about if we could choose the children that we get?
    Can you imagine this scenario? Please look at your year group for next year. Rank children you would like according to the following;
    1. Definitely
    2. Yes
    3. OK
    4. Only if I have to...
    5. NO THANK YOU!
    There will be a meeting on...... to allocate those children who do not yet have a place.
    Currently we take the rough with the smooth and do the best we can with what we get.
  10. Heya sorry to hear about this:S
    I'm an NQT starting September and these are the things I worry about. I have been told on my placements that i'm hot on behaviour. Sometimes this can rock the boat with parents.I think its generally one of those jobs where you get labelled no matter what. I just think whatever I get labelled, I try to provide the best learning experience I can.
    Don't worry about it and if people gossip just prove them wrong. Or my other advice is to be really nice no matter what they say. Then they have nothing to feed off.

    Hope this makes sense and it helps a bit
  11. Sadly I don't think that this post is a wind up. I have worked with a few office staff who do not grasp the impact of their 'friendly gossip' with parents. Or choose not to grasp it and still get away with it.
  12. DustinFox

    DustinFox New commenter

    Then it would appear to be a case of weak leadership from the headteacher
  13. zippygeorgeandben

    zippygeorgeandben Occasional commenter

    There is so much implying with all these messages. Saying that one teacher is strict could be construed as another teacher is more free and easy. We all have the same qualification when it comes to teacher a class of 30 children (give or take!)
    The SMT need to come down hard on this and when Teachers split classes, it should be for the right reasons (i.e. behavioural splits, ability) and NOT because the receptionist promised to have a word with the teacher to see what he/she could do!

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