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parenting, baby care

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by william34, May 24, 2011.

  1. william34

    william34 New commenter

    My child is 5 months old and I am confused about should i start his solid food now or should i wait till 6 months?
  2. official advice is 6 months. however other advice says from 17 weeks (4 months) if your baby can sit up (with help) and grabs at food. no wheat should be given before 6 months though.
  3. Whenever you are ready, I think every child needs weaning at different times. If your child is still content on milk, he doesn't need to be weaned just yet.
    We waited until 6 months because she was sleeping well, content with breastmilk and not showing any interest in food. I am confident this was the right age for her. Some babies start fussing after a milkfeed, which would once have satisfied them.
    Official advice is 6 months, but many babies don't last this long.

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