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Parental Reporting..

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by essex_girl, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Can anyone help? Have waited for Fronter to come up with a solution to Parental Reporting only to find that you have to report all or nothing i.e. E-Behaviour comments for SIMS have to be extracted alongside the E-Behaviour codes. I had hoped that I would be able to edit the data once it was extracted from SIMS to Fronter so that parents would only see what I wanted them to see. It is bound to be ages before Fronter does anything about this if their track record is anything to go by so I am looking for another option. SIMS gateway is too expensive on top of the money we already pay for Fronter - don't want to throw Fronter out totally - just heard of another school that manages to report through their intranet! Anyone know how?
  2. I wonder if someone like schoolanywhere would write a custom plugin for you? They already pull data out of SIMS for Moodle, it's the same scope but then offer you the output or customize it for you. Perhaps it'll cost £3000+ a year, but a solution?
  3. Thank you - will look into it. Definitely cheaper than SIMS Gateway
  4. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Can I ask what you use for attendance etc is this done in SIms?
  5. It's very simple. You do not need parents to have access to live current data. Simply extract the relevant data from a database and stick it on a new one, then set up a basic front end access.
    The database is updated daily, weekly, or whatever depending how often you want by just running a script.
    Zero security problems on the actual data, because the reporting doesn't have access to the actual data, so it is physically impossible to change it. All you then have is a simple login system and reporting system which any fool can do.
  6. "simple login system" <- that integrates with a CMS or is separate, secure and has individual logins for parents. Does it tie parents to pupils, what if they have multiple pupils in the school, do they get multiple logins? etc etc
    What sounds simple isn't as basic as you make it out, and we haven't even factored in whether said person can program yet!!
  7. Simplest solution is to have one login per pupil. Abandon the concept of logging in the individual parents at all. That gets round all the multiple pairings of families of children with different fathers etc. You could probably get away with reducing the pupil login to a single key.
    Yes, it's not an utterly trivial task. nor is it obscenely difficult.

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