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Parent workshop for Maths

Discussion in 'Primary' started by megsie, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. megsie

    megsie New commenter

    We've done a couple of these sessions as open mornings in the past. The focus was on new ways that calculation was taught such as using the grid method and different ways to use number lines. They attracted a large amount of parents, especially some dads and grandparents which was great.The attendance was better with lower age year groups, possibly due to parents of older pupils working.They sat by their children and worked through some simple teaching points before having a go. We also demonstrated different 'games' to parents using times tables and so on, that could be used at home.
  2. Thankyou mrs bourne and megsie for your feedback.
    My placement school have kindly offered to hold two workshops for me in both Key Stages. So it will be interesting to see if parents come, Fingers crossed.
    Does anyone else have any feedback to holding workshops?

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Here is a radical suggestion....
    How about using methods that parents can cope with in the first place?
  4. Hi, as part of my role as maths support in my school I have set up half termly family maths workshops this year. Each workshop focuses on a different area of maths and the parents come along and learn strategies and games they can play at home. They also all got a free maths resource pack at the 1st workshop they attended with number cards, counters, dice etc. The 1st round of workshops were very well attended across the year groups/classes. Keystage 1 classes had an average of about 20 out of 30 parents and keystage 2 an average of about 13. We have just done our 3rd round of workshops and sadly the turnout was considerably lower. Especially in KS2. The feedback has been really positive and the parents who attend really enjoy them and get alot out of it, but its hard to sustain and parents cant really justify taking a morning off work every 6 weeks if they do work. Perhaps 2 or 3 a year is more realstic. Hope this helps.
  5. Thankyou michie_49 for your feedback
    How did you fund the resource pack that you provided the parents in the first workshop?
    Just wondering if there is any funding out there at the moment
  6. Thankyou so much for your help and great advice michie_49 have a good weekend [​IMG]

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