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Parent emails during half term and weekends!

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by mms1, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. starlightexpress

    starlightexpress Occasional commenter

    Good advice here. We often face parents who push the boundaries and start to threaten.

    Make it clear all school emails go to school mailbox and that this inbox is checked during the working day hours of the Admin person between 9-4.
    Acknowledgment by the next school day (usually completed on the same day, dependent on time email sent), with details of forwarding action taken, managing expectations from there. Just then needs all staff to follow up!

    Makes me smile the threat of removing a child. The non professional part of me feel likes responding “Oh please do it, just so we’re rid of you. Here’s the pre signed form.”

    I have made point of forwarding a weekend email to non published personal email address to school email at 9 a.m on the Monday morning, asking secretary to reply. It makes the point!

    Equally, there may be agreed process to communicate directly to staff and in those cases quick response can ease some tricky situations.

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