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paragraphs for higher ability children

Discussion in 'English' started by VickiMAtkinson, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have an observation coming up and I am doing a skills based lesson on

    The class as a whole are ok at this so it is more of a consolidation lesson
    and I have lots of ideas, such as boxing up activities and such. However I have
    four children who automatically use paragraphs in writing so am not sure what
    they could do in the lessons. Normally I would have them working with other
    children but I can see that my feedback would be that I didn’t push those four
    to make them progress.

    Any ideas?

    We do have a few netbooks we can use too.

    Thanks in advence!
  2. Hi there, could you do something connectives based? For example, linking paragraphs together effectively or get them to use 'TipTop?' Time, place, topic, person-where they ensure each paragraph changes based on these things. Something structure based would be good. What age are the pupils?
  3. They are year 3/4 mixed but I have the top set so their levels are around 3a/4c
    I have introduced breifly 'SPLAT' which is similar. We are looking at explanation texts which could fit in nicely possibly.

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