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Panicking about NQT year already!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Jwheat, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Jwheat

    Jwheat New commenter

    Hi all,
    I have successfully survived my ITT and start as an NQT in a Year One class in September. I've been into school and have re-arranged all the furniture, rummaged and found the resources in the classroom, sorted out tray/classroom labels, and begun making displays. I was wondering what other teachers do for the start of the school year?

    I don't want to turn up in September to find out all the other teachers have done some key thing which I've missed.

    What do you normally do over the Summer?

    I'd be grateful to know what I've missed!
  2. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

    What size school are you working in? If it is more than one form entry go and see if you can look at the classroom of any of the teachers you teach with to see what they have on the walls/even better talk to the teacher if they are in school. Usually number lines, alphabet, letter and sound resources can be on the wall. Do you know if you will be using books or folders for children's learning? Whichever your school use are they already in your room and labelled with the children's names? Have you/do you need to name coat pegs? Have you got data from the childrens Reception teacher as to where they are in phonics/letters and sounds - are the resources for the next level made?
    Great idea from a previous thread to wash multi link/unifix in a pillow case in the washing machine!
    Have you met your NQT mentor yet?
    Am just thinking off the top of my head so hope it might help!
  3. Jwheat

    Jwheat New commenter

    Thank you for all of the suggestions!
    It is a three form entry school and I have on display similar things to the other rooms. All of the books have been labelled and resources have been washed too. You've reminded me to make an alphabet display though thank you!
  4. I won't be teaching Y1 but KS2 in a school with several non native English speakers - alphabet displays are a good idea as several children forget how to write them and do them backwards, but the same with numbers as well - I'd recommend doing one of those if you haven't thought of that already!
    Have you thought about rewards schemes and so on? For instance, will you be running your own in class or is there a whole-school scheme that you will need to prepare for?
  5. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

    I worked 9plus years in a 3 form entry school. It was great as you worked as a team and shared planning. Another huge plus is there is always someone to bounce ideas around with/discuss children with.
    Have you got data from their Reception teacher? Have you got any 'learning' they did in Reception to give you some idea of where they were in July?
    In the 3 form entry school our KS1/Reception teams would usually arrange to meet during the holidays to sketch out the first few weeks.
    Just make to most of this Summer. It is the most wonderful job and no 2 days are ever the same but it is exhausting at times!
    Good luck!
  6. You sound like you are pretty sorted! You may have done this but you might want to think about any table top resources you might want to provide to support them. I found it useful to have phonics sound mats (can download from ******) and having a strip with small letters with their related capitals as some didn't know them. I've just done NQT year in Year 1 so please ask if any more questions.
  7. Jwheat

    Jwheat New commenter

    Thanks, some more great ideas. I've got a whole load of bits now to print out and laminate. It's good to know I hadn't overlooked too much!

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