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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Ange_mmm, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. We have all done it. My LO did the same as Ladybugs, tried to take a dive off the sofa head first. The whole world goes into slow motion!
  2. My LO rolled off the bed when he was young... whilst I was applying make-up. [​IMG]
  3. You aren't a bad mum!
    I had LO (5 days) in my arms walking downstairs - got completely distracted and fell down the remaining stairs! Felt absolutely awful. Little man was fine but I was terrified.
    Another one of my friends LO rolled off bed when he hadn't rolled before.

  4. Just thought- mine hasn't rolled off the bed, but we more than made up for that by her falling out of the highchair, and yesterday I had to grab her ankle to stop her diving head first off the sofa.....!
  5. I rang NHS direct and they told me to take her to a&e. I wanted to be sure she was ok and they were supportive.

  6. Hmm. I think I would prefer to take them to a&e and be 'checked up' and know my daughter was ok!
    Anyway, to the OP- it was a near miss... we have all done something similar when we forget what they can or can't do. My LO has fallen off the bed (luckily she fell onto a pile of clothes and didn't seem to notice- being messy is good!). It happened, your LO was fine and didn't fall but you won't do it again.... It could have been any of us.
  7. My daughter has fallen off the arm of the sofa head first, she was about 18 months I think.
    In terms of A&E I think they are designed to bounce and with toddlers you could be there all the time. As long as they scream immediately and loudly I think that they are generally OK.
    It's horrible when that kind of thing happens though and I would be scared with a 5 month old.
  8. Thank You so much to everyone who has posted....it really has made me feel better to hear of your near (and not so near) misses!
    I think I just need to get my head in gear and realise that she is becoming more and more mobile so need to watch out for hazards all over1 Oh, and from how high her bum is going in air when she is on her belly, I dont think it will be long until she's crawling.....cue more panic posts!


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