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Pancreatic cancer

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by mojomoo, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hello...
    Has anyone got any experience of pancreatic cancer? My dad was diagnosed last week and to be honest, I really don't know what to think.
  2. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    Try Macmillan?
  3. Thanks...I had already checked that out, I was just after some personal experiences.
  4. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Mr Belle's BiL passed away 2 years ago from pancreatic cancer. He didn't last long from daignosis. I'm afraid it's not a good one. Rarely responds to treatment and progresses rapidly, but I guess you've been told that.
    Hope all goes as well as it can. Thinking of you.
  5. clermontfed

    clermontfed Occasional commenter

    My father passed away 11 years ago, 6 months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am sorry to say that you may have to prepare yourself for the worst. I sincerely hope that as it was some time ago, doctors are more able to treat it nowadays. My thoughts are with you.
  6. Thanks...
    I am preparing myself for the worst, having a bit of a medical background I knew that pancreatic is pretty much the worst one to get. Apparently he's got the best kind - if there is such a thing - the cancer is confined to the bile duct and he's due to have the 'whipple' proceedure tomorrow. I'm getting some conflicting information though, which is worrying me a bit.
    Predictably, I have done a bit of research and the survival rate after successful surgery is 5% at 5 years, something like 30% die within the magic 30 days of post-op complications. Luckily my dad's tumor was detected very early, he's a fit youngish(56) bloke, so the odds are in his favour. Mum on the other hand has told me that if the surgery is successful, then he's got as much chance of living to 70 as the next man! I don't know what to believe...
  7. margey

    margey New commenter

    Hi Mojomoo
    I am really sorry to hear about your dad. Yes the statistics for pancreatic cancer are not the best but there is hope. I was diagnosed in 2006 also at the age of 56. Mine was in the bile duct but had spread beyond as well. I had a whipples operation followed by chemotherapy and here I still am five years later. My mum also had it but hers was inoperable so I have seen it from both sides.
    I walked 21kms on Saturday as part of Striving for Survival for Pancreatic Cancer awareness Week. please look at the website www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk. If you would like to pm me I would be happy to chat.
    I wish you dad well for the op tomorrow. Be stong- someone has to be the one that makes the survival statistics.
  8. Thanks Margey, I shall PM you later...
    So good to hear that there are positives - I think the surgery is scaring me more now, I didn't really it was that involved!
  9. margey

    margey New commenter

    Be prepared for you dad to have many tubes after the op and to have a rough few days. They warned me that I would be in for at least 14 days but I was discharged after 8!!! just take baby steps and try not to think too far ahead. I know that it very hard for my family waiting while the op was taking place. It took seven hours which was longer than they suggested so please bear that in mind.

    thinking of you xx

  10. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    How lovely to finally hear a success story from this awful condition. My own family experience of this is not good.
    I wish you, OP, the very best of luck.
  11. Well it's back to the waiting game... Dad's albumin levels are still too high, so they are waiting another week before transferring him to another hospital - there they will assess him again to see if he's fit for surgery. Part of me is thinking *** are they leaving it so late? Surely the quicker they do it, the better the outcome will be? The rational part knows that they've got to get him in tip top physical condition (or as good as can be) so he's got a chance of fighting.
    Why is the waiting always the hardest?
    I've now got the added stress of worrying/waanting to be there for mum whilst working f/t and being a single mum to boot. I have to say though, work have been really understanding but needless to say, I don't want to take the piss!
  12. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    Getting yourself signed off while dealing with this is not taking the ****, it's the right thing to do!
  13. margey

    margey New commenter

    Hi Mojomoo
    How are things going for your dad? Hope that he will soon be fit to have the operation. It is such a hard waiting game when your thoughts and fears can spiral out of control. Be positive and don't think too far ahead.
    Thinking of you and yours
  14. Hi,
    He's not had the operation yet [​IMG] He needed to get over this kidney infection (almost there) and put on some of the weight he's lost - just over 3 stone in 2 and a bit months! So yes, it's still a waiting game - we're not even thinking as far ahead as next week, let alone xmas!
    Thank you for your thoughts...it's much appreciated xx
  15. margey

    margey New commenter

    Thanks for letting us know. The dramatic weight loss is very typical I'm afraid. wasn't eating either -I know that before my op I couldfn't eat and I lived on lucozade!! You are so right to not think about next week- baby baby steps was always how I dealt with it.Is you dad in hospital or at home?
    hugs xx
  16. Good news! Well as good as it can get at the moment, anyway! He is off the another hospital (70 miles away, grrrrr) for a pre-op assessment, plan is that he will go back to the hospital where he is at the moment until they have a space available for him. I think he's just getting majorly bored at the moment...4 weeks he's been in now and he is climbing the walls! I think they are reluctant to send him home as it would be easier for him to fall through the system if that happens. Best to keep him in, especially seeing as he's still got the external stent fitted.
    We are hoping that he can be rehabiliated in a hospital much closer to home, as the travelling is doing my mum in and the hospital he's in at the moment is 'only' 35 miles away....
  17. Oh I know too well what it is like travelling to hospitals. When my dad was terminally ill with a brain tumour I had an 80 mile round trip to see him. I did it daily for quite a long time after I finished work. It's exhausting. My mum struggled with this too. I really hope you manage to get him closer to home.
  18. margey

    margey New commenter

    That is indeed good news mojomoo. You are right about the possibility of him falling thgrough the system. I know it will be hard travelling that distance but I presume he will be going to a specialist centre for the op. Hope that they will have a space for him pretty quickly but my surgeons told me recently that they are really booked up now as they are doing more ops than five years ago, especially transplants.
  19. margey

    margey New commenter

    Hi Mojomoo.
    How is your dad ? and how are you bearing up? Thinking of you. xx

  20. Hi Margey,
    Things are still bang on schedule for this Thursday [​IMG] He's got MRSA in the external stent site, but they don't seem to be overly worried about this - everything else is ok. He is having a bag of blood a day - they said his haemoglobin levels are ok, but it doesn't hurt to keep him topped up.
    I'm in a daze world...hard to explain really. It feels as if my life is completely on hold, but it's Christmas soon and if I don't buck my ideas up, I am going to have one disappointed 3 yr old! I still get teary when I think of my dad not being home for Christmas, desperately sad for my mum who has had her life totally ripped apart in the last 3 months and just a bit angry about the whole thing really!
    All perfectly natural, I should imagine...

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