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Pain under ribs on left side- third trimester

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Just googled it today, as I've had really bad pain on my right hand side (it's now on the left as well) and apparently it's totally normal, just the muscles being stretched in unusual ways! It is so uncomfortable though, I can't sit upright for long periods. Try arching your back while sitting and raising your arm above your head to stretch it out...
  2. Is it maybe a foot getting stuck under your ribs or something similar? I've had the odd sharp pain under my ribs too, but only fleeting. I've had quite a sharp stabbing pain low down on the left hand side today and I'm guessing it's a pulled muscle as it hurts more when I twist or do things. When you think of what our poor bodies are going through it's no wonder that we get odd aches and pains is it?!
  3. Ok thanks, I'll try that!
  4. Sorry wormburger, crossed posts! [​IMG]
  5. I think it could be a foot or another body part, as I feel like baby is definitely lying on that side as bump is bigger there. It is very uncomfortable!
  6. Don't know if bruno is the same, but my pain is a continuous discomfort/ache, just like back ache where you feel you need to stretch out to relieve it. Apparently it can spread as well cos all the nerves are connected and therefore my right shoulder is in complete agony too. Just need a rest, i think, and not to be teaching Nursery for anouther week!
  7. Mine is constant, but not constantly there if you know what I mean! When I get the pain it stays for a couple of hours continously (not a stabbing pain) and then goes away.
  8. I have had it on and off from about 30 weeks. Mine is where I know the the little monkey's feet are so I think it's when they get foot stuck under. OUCH!
    I find sitting on my birthing ball helps as it stops you slouching, and a nice hot bath and a paracetamol if it's bad x
    35+3 x
  9. Hi, I had pain under my right side of my ribs from probably about 30 weeks. In my case it was because of the position of my baby she was in the frank breech position like this!!!!!!!
    Her head was in the middle of my ribs and feet up under my right side ribs, it was the most uncomfortable thing ever and very painful at times! I actually got red patches on my skin and it felt very hot sometimes, like a chinese burn and internally she was clicking my ribs back and forth. My midwife said the aching was from my muscles and ligaments stretching.
    Do you know what position your baby is in?
    To stay comfortable I had lots of baths and I got a back massage at about 32 weeks, the masseur (sp?) had me lean over the back of a chair, sounds weird but it was brilliant! Also try rocking on a gym ball or get on all fours and stretch a bit.
    Hopeyou feel better soon!
  10. I got it horribly too.... advice to get on all fours and stretch is good (although obviously not practical all the time ;o) )
    I spent a lot of the last trimester on knees, leaning over gym ball, or on all fours - couldn't sit at all so watching tv at night I'd be draped over the ball.
  11. Me too, night time was the worst!
  12. Hi, sorry I have not responded to all your replies until now, our internet went down last night! Thanks for all the suggestions, I will try them. It doesn't seem too bad today, although have just been running a baby group and sitting on the floor leaning forward does not help!! When I went to midwife on Tues she said that the head was down, so it must be another body part, unless it has moved!
    I have got a gym ball, so will try that tonight. Thanks again.

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