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Pain after c section

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by qu1annie, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Mine didn't hurt after 10 days only a bit sore if I overdid it, or overused my stomach muscles. If you haven't had it checked today, I'd ring your GP and get an emergency appointment tomorrow morning to get it checked and to put your mind at rest or to get some stronger painkillers. I was exactly the same for a couple of weeks after mine - I kept holding my stomach every time I needed to cough!
  2. I haven't had one but I'm guessing that if it is starting to hurt MORE rather than LESS, that you might have something wrong? Def get it checked out and hope it gets better soon! Congrats on the new baby too :)
  3. Mine didn't hurt like that - get it check out. Only I found was the scar was irritated by normal size pants for 8/9 months so had to wear big knickers - urgh.
  4. I had to do this too! I was in quite a lot of pain with mine, but I would suggest you mention it to your midwife and get it checked- just make sure it is healing properly.

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