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Packerguy's Place

Discussion in 'Personal' started by deleted299, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. bit dusty in 'ere
  2. Where's Mrs Overall when you need her?

    Go on then, tmwwbk, get your feather duster out. *sits back*
  3. I never did dusting but I did get married. That, somehow, seems to mean that there's never dust in my house.......

    (I do cook though)
  4. Hmmmm, maybe I should get me one of them wives then.
  5. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    I need a wife too!!!

    I thought I was one though, but I don't do silly things like dusting, that's far too difficult, anyway, it's men's work, too difficult for us women.
  6. *slips quietly in for guiness*
  7. Where *is* Packerguy?
  8. Newboy2

    Newboy2 New commenter

    Wow ....... is this place still open?
  9. *checks the guiness is still good*

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