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Pace - or lack of!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by tobyr2385, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. My colleagues are very happy with everything I'm doing so far at my new placement, but my pace is consistently being brought up as something to improve on.
    During my last placement, I was willing to say that being tired affected my pace and that I was teaching my second language (I'm an MFL trainee) and therefore I did lack confidence in my teaching.
    I know that being tired will also affect my performance this placement, but I'd like that to NOT be a factor for my future formal observations.
    Any ideas of how to do so?
  2. mpc


    It's only a bit of practice, you know.
    Pace is an area commonly highighted as an area for development for PGCErs and NQTs (and some more experienced staff too!).
    Perhaps plan a little less (not less thoroughly, I mean less in terms of content) eg starter with six key words etc etc
    You're probably familiar with them but the starter and plenary generator on TES Resources are full of zippy ideas (which involve little planning).
  3. Thank you for all your support.
    My mentor at school prefers to label "pace" as "speed" which for me, sounds like something more manageable. A speedier starter allows me to get onto the meatier aspects of my lesson.
    I've also become aware that sometimes it is best to move onto another activity when the majority of the class have finished, that way I have most of them engaged rather than waiting for everyone.
    Something that also works for me as well as the kids is by writing what I want to get done in lessons in "text language" on the board, as a visual reminder. My Year 9s yesterday afternoon had great fun trying to work out what I had written as well, and for a Friday afternoon - they did pretty well - I had them engaged and learning for most of the lesson!
    My colleagues in my feedback/evaluation book have noted positive things and said I have turned a corner which boosts my confidence. Now, just to crack my Year 7s and I'm sorted!!

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