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P7 panic!

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by musicalmistress, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Help!
    Headteacher has just emailed classes for next year (I know, I know but that's another thread entirely!!) and apparently I am moving from P2 to P7 when the new term starts next week.
    I'm in such a panic, don't have a clue where to start.
    Any suggestions for first day/week activities?? Please help.
  2. I am going to jump on this bandwagon. Just found out I have p7 after years of working with infants. Any ideas for first day activities would be great? Any simple topics that could be used for the first few weeks?

  3. I've done P7 twice, not this year as moving to younger.
    If there are responsibilities that P7s take on e.g. captains, reps, buddies, other jobs etc then could do some time spent on these and what they mean - importance in P7. P7 can have that chip on the shoulder so want to make them see it as a responsibility.
    Ideas of things I've done before.
    Personal shields,
    passport to P7,
    general knowledge
    choose a painting as an inspiration to look at the picture itself, the artist, feelings, do art yourself
    Do your class rules - carousel quality pupil, teacher etc They should have a say in the rewards and consequences to take greater responsibility.
    Recipe for friendship or quality class or anti-bullying etc
    Write a letter to themselves to say what they are looking forward to in p7 etc that at end of year they would get back to read again.
    You could get them in their tables to decide on table name, create banner, create 'theme song' etc - could be linked to a topic
    There is loads more you can do (my mind is kind of in transition to lower stages now) but you can search plenty.

  4. Flyonthewall75

    Flyonthewall75 New commenter

    Without being facetious, a good place to start is where they left off in Primary 6.
    Yes, you will want to have some interesting activities so that you, and the children, can get to know each other but the sooner they get back into a 'normal' routine the better.
    Presumably there will be detailed records of how the class has been organised, and what work has been covered, in the preceeding year. That should be your main starting point and, wherever possible, there should be an opportunity to meet with the previous teacher to share information and discuss any particular issues.
    I'm often amazed to hear that some staff don't know what class they are getting until just before the start of the new session. Fair enough, there may be exceptional circumstances where final staffing decisions and appointments are delayed but, in the main, class organisation should be arranged prior to the summer break.
    The suggestions that have been given are good, especially with regard to establishing the 'class rules', but just be wary of trying to keep the children 'entertained' with lots of 'fun' activities.
    As has been said, if correctly managed, Primary 7 can be great to teach.

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