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P5 for the day

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by TEACHER16, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. TEACHER16

    TEACHER16 New commenter

    I have asked to take P5 for three hours for a day next week...what lessons could I do as a one off lesson at this stage in the term? Any ideas would be very gratfully recieved.
  2. Three hours isn't long to kill! Check whether there's anything the regular teacher wants you to do before you start planning anything.
    A wee bit of times tables practice will never go amiss at this stage, ask the kids what ones they know well and what they've still to cover (if any). They'll enjoy answering the questions on their whiteboards, using loop cards and playing games like corners (ie asign each corner a number, kids have to go to the right answer when you ask them, for example '6x4') / buzz / around the world.
    I've been doing some geography work with my 5s this week. They don't tend to have much awareness about where they are in the world so looking at google maps/earth and finding their town, discussing if it's on a river/near the coast etc; what country is it in; what the capital city is, what countries make up GB/UK and there capitals. There are lots of activity sheets on theprimary resources website that you could follow this up with, ie, labelling countries/capitals on a map of the UK and adding in your town.
    Failing that art is always going to get them on your side! Try doing self-portraits in charcoal. Use mirrors and demo it to them, emphasising taking your time and looking for lights and darks rather than drawing a 'nose shape'. Or zig-zag pictures from Primary resources, make sure you get your head round it before you start the kids on it though!

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