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P Scales?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sulas, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. I'm moving from year 6 to year 4 in Sept and i have a child in my new class working at P levels according to the data passed from current teacher. However i have looked at the information about the expectations of the P scales and she is clearly above that. She can add numbers to 10 using counters, she can write her own name and responds appropriately when I spoke to her on transition day. I've been told she is behind because she has missed a lot of school not because of any SEN needs. I am keen that she should make as much progress as possible and would appreciate any help from FSEY/KS1 teachers on this site.
    When can I find information to help move her on?
  2. You need to ask to see her P scales assessments for the three areas of maths, as well as reading and writing. Only then can you work out what she can do and what she can't. Then you can plan your work for her. I would also look at the level 1 statements so you can see where she needs to move onto.
    Like you I'm in Y4 but have 2 children on P scales.
  3. Thanks Irulan
    I gather this is TA rather than formal assessment. I am thinking I might be better to do assessments myself in the first few days to see where she is - being mainly upper ks2 i haven't had anyone on P scales before so a bit unsure how to manage this situation but i am sure it will all be ok once i get started.
    good luck with your 2.

  4. P levels were never meant to assess 'normal' children - they were designed for SEN children - though I guess if a child in Y4 is still P-Levels they are probably SEN.
    Adding numbers to 10 I would say is bordering on a 1C in Maths. Her target for next steps would be to recognise numbers to 15, perhaps. Make it a small target and work on it daily.
    As for writing her name that isnt a 1C yet - unless she can attempt to write a sentence with some sounding out that you can vaguely understand, she is still working at P levels. Her next step might be to write a simple sentence. You might teach her "I can see..." or "I like..." and every day try and write a sentence with that beginning, using her sounds to finish it off. Work on single letter sounds and blending, starting with cvc words (cat, dog, sit, peg, lid). I dont know enough about the child to really help much more!

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