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p scales and Foundation phase outcomes

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by pili pala, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Can anyone help me with this p scales go up to 8 and then Foundation Phase outcome 4 takes over (Equivalent to NC level 1) Please could someone set me straight with which foundation phase outcome 1, 2 and 3 match with which p scale.
  2. Can anyone help me with this p scales go up to 8 and then Foundation Phase outcome 4 takes over (Equivalent to NC level 1) Please could someone set me straight with which foundation phase outcome 1, 2 and 3 match with which p scale.
  3. In my experience, they don't tally, and in fact, I had the annual review for one of my statemented SEN children last week, and worked with the P-levels and EYFSP outcomes. The EYFSP is designed for children in reception, and up to Easter in Year 1 - however, we have decided to stick with the EYFS in the foundation subjects, but use P-levels in Eng, maths and sci (for our Yr 1s) to make the progress easier to keep track of.
    I might be completely wrong, and I'll hold my hands up if I am, but I don't see that they match at all really, you either use one or the other.
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I assume you are talking about the Welsh curriculum not the English?
    In England p scales aren't used for children unless they have SEN and not at all in EYFS not sure of the situation in Wales
  5. I have been told that P scales are only for NC levels......however at my special school I have to do them for all my class (even Nursery!) So you just have to plough on regardless because unless you have the official Nursery P levels (there are some I know) they will never match. Data is a wonderful subject! Best not to start me on the subject.
  6. As a SENCO I can tell you that P scales are not for use in EYFS. They are designed to be used for children in KS1 who are working at levels below NC L1. Despite the numbering system don't be deceived, they do not match up in any way with the EYFS profile points. My advice is stick to EYFS until the end of Reception then children who have not achieved 6 points on the profile should be assessed to see where abouts they fall on the p scales. If you track your children using Development Matters statements (as we do) then it is possible to show progress and to pinpoint exactly where they are. There are other tracking systems that are much more useful than the straight P scales e.g. PIVOTS being just one that breaks down each of the P levels and provides much more detailed information to allow teachers to plan for children who need to do things in very small steps, it also again helps to show progress within a P level as otherwise the child could just be seen as sticking at say, P5 for a long time.
    Some schools stick with EYFS profiling until at least children reach the age of six. This seemed fair to me as it gave very young children a bit more time to develop. However on a recent course I was told categorically that this was not acceptable - EYFS ends at end of Reception year.
    Hope this is helpful.

  7. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    but the OP isn't talking about the EYFS she said Foundation Phase which is Wales and covers up to age 7.
  8. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    Hi pilipala.
    I do wonder if you are confusing two differnt currricula here which are not designed to match.
    I am sure we will have some people here working in Wales, but I dont think the Wales has p scales, it has the outcomes 1-3 then the NC levels. At least that is my recollection, Im happy to be corrected.
    To make things more complex, this is the last year the old style wales KS1 exists as the foundaton phase will be fully embedded, so the arrangemnets for assessmsnt are probably different again.
    So I guess the question I would be asking is whay do you want to make this comparison unless its researh into the differences?

  9. Thank you all for your help. I makes perfect sense. They are totally different. I work in a STF and use P scales and Foundation Phase (Wales) I never compare the two, just use what I can from F. PH but I always assess using PACE. A colleague EY said that her children were not even at F. PH level and I wondered what you would use in this case. I would have said working towards Outcome 1 and left it at that. But thanks to you and your replies maybe she could try other assessment. Thank you once again. I knew I could rely on my Tes mates to get it sorted.
  10. I have not heard of PIVOTS before and have only been in SEN 1yr. I have tried googling but cant find anything. Where can I get hold of these please.
  11. p scales do not apply to the EYFS - they start in year 1.
  12. In fact, Year 1 are now unbder Foundation Phase so NC does not exist for Year 1 now. And year 2 will come under FP in September.
  13. Try googling PIVATS not PIVOTS, similar to BSquared but subtley different!!
  14. PIVATS is a Lancashire County council published assessment tool - you need to buy it in! Not cheap but well worth it.
  15. PIVATS not PIVOTS are available from Lancashire Grid for Learning. Notice spelling. There is a very good examplification document for Maths. In fact LGfL is great for many resources, worth a visit. Hope that is helpful.

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