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P.E Units of Work- Long and Middle term planning

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by WKR, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. i would love one please.

  2. A bit late in replying and hope the offer is still there. I would really appreciate Sow & UoW
  3. If you wouldn't mind, and it's not too late, I'd really appreciate some a copy of anything you have!

    Thanks for the hard work!

  4. I would follow the advice of one of the previous posters, don't log your email addresses as you can be added to a marketing database.
    Our company www.valsabinpublications.com provides P.E. schemes of work.
    Feel free to look at our website and contact us if you have any questions.

    PS as you have all left your emails on a confidential forum. We will <u>not </u>contact you or store your email addresses. Good luck with the planning!
    Schools Support Manager
    Val Sabin Publications and Training.
  5. 2 things never fail to scare me here
    1) the number of people who do put their email addies up, often what look like work ones too!
    2) that so many PE teachers ask to be sent basic info, but few ever offer much up.

    At risk of hate mail again, I have always wondered why PE teachers don't share/have as many resources as do teachers in my other subject.
    I always offer to swap my resources, but have only once received anything in return.
    In my other subject I swap stuff on a daily basis. I have always wondered why there is so much difference!

    Wake up peeps. Ask for this thread/your post to be deleted so your contact details are taken down and start using the resources part TES... other resource sites are also available - get swapping!
  6. You make some interesting points, i only come into contact with PE staff so cannot comment on other subjects, but I think your example is spot on, in a previous career I found that I had to bend over backwards to help others and only then was help forthcoming. Altruism seems to need a little nudge now and again!!
    As to why PE teachers seem to have less material for lesson plans, i think can (not always) boil down to a couple of points.
    In primary education the multiskills approach can be pretty daunting for NQTs who have spent only 16 hours on PE in their B Ed programmes and I have had anecdotal evidence that "teachers should know how to do this!" from heads. I don't claim to have much hard data on this but this is what some teachers tell me.

  7. But, as I understand it, primary and secondary have pre-prepared sows available for the major subjects and many minor ones too As I search for A Level materials I find huge amounts of resources available from free to horrendously expensive, never for A level , sadly!
    As for multi skills, there sooooooooooooooooo much out there, any SSCO should organise practical skill regulalrly. I used to put ny BTEC students onto a course, the local SSDO was happy to have a larger class and they got an experience that really opened their eyes!
    Even without that the Navy packs are fairly complete and freely available for want of a google search! Many NGBs also have teaching/coaching resources, again for free!
    And that still does not explain why PE teachers take, take, take but never seem to give much!

    And I notice that even with the warnings, the baby bird calls of me too, me too, me too continue.

  8. Hiya

    I would be grateful if you could forward me the Sow and Uow.

    Thank you

  9. please could i have a copy etc.could you send them to
    hope you are enjoying the holiday
    thank you
    Eamonn Eustace
  10. Hi
    I would really appreciate if I could access a copy as well.
  11. Yes please.
    Many thanks.

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