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Oxford Project #OwenLastDays (Wilfred Owen) and National Competition

Discussion in 'History' started by stulee2, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. stulee2

    stulee2 New commenter

    #OwenLastDays – The Last Days and Legacy of Wilfred Owen
    Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford

    To mark the World War I Armistice centenary, we’ll be charting the last two weeks of Wilfred Owen’s life during the war, up until his death on November 4th1918 – just one week before the end of hostilities.

    You can follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ww1lit) and using #OwenLastDays between 22nd October and 4th November. Our tweets will include links to online learning resources all aimed at schools and other items of interest that the University of Oxford makes publicly available through its First World War Poetry Digital Archive and its Great Writers Inspire sites. These include online exercises on war poetry, Owen's manuscript drafts, recorded lectures and podcasts, and new writing from experts in the field concerning Owen’s death and his continued and changing legacy. We particularly hope to reach schools, teachers, and students, to highlight the wealth of online resources that the University of Oxford makes available for wider educational use.

    We are also announcing a nationwide secondary-school competition, asking for poster and/or performance responses to Owen’s poetry, its historical context, and its continuing legacy. Prizes include Amazon vouchers and books, and we are looking for entries from students Years 7-9, 10-11, and 12-13. Closing date for entries is Noon, 30th November 2018. For details on the competition and how to enter visit our web site:


    Stuart Lee/Hannah Simpson
    #OwenLastDays Project
    Faculty of English Language and Literature
    University of Oxford

    T: @ww1lit #OwenLastDays
    E: ww1collections@it.ox.ac.uk
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/ww1Lit/
    W: https://owen.web.ox.ac.uk
  2. stulee2

    stulee2 New commenter

    The project launched today with our first tweets (follow #OwenLastDays). We have posted (so far today) on the movements of the 2nd Manchesters as they approach the Sambre Canal region, an online tutorial on war poetry, a recorded talk by Jon Stallworthy on Owen, and links to manuscript versions of 'Dulce et Decorum est'. Please follow us at:


    Or see our web site: owen.web.ox.ac.uk

    Stuart Lee/Hannah Simpson
    Faculty of English, University of Oxford

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