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Owl assembly PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Primary' started by clairep781, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Hi I'm a yr1 teacher and my class assembly is coming up.
    Our literacy is going to be about the Owl Babies over the next few weeks and our science is light and dark, so we're going to read the Owl Who's Afraid of the Dark.
    So I know my assembly is going to be about these 2 stories but I don't know how I can link the stories and what else I can do as well as acting them out, as it may get a bit boring!
    Any ideas please? Thanks
  2. jubilada

    jubilada New commenter

    There is a song of The Owl who was afraid of the Dark in Sing a Story (AC Black) Nice song but quite wordy (- 5 verses, no repetition.)
    How about making up some night time music, or a sound story?
  3. I may have just the thing! I have an assembly based on The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark which I did with my Year 3 s a few years ago. If you post an email, I'll send it.

  4. That sounds great!! It's clairep781@hotmail.co.uk Thank you so much.
    I didnt realise there's a song I'll look it up!

  5. Hi thanks for the email! A super assembly!! I'll defo be using parts of it!

    I couldn't find the music- the book is no longer in print! Any other ideas for owl songs/music?
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    The Owl and the ***** Cat went to Sea, is a lovely poem for young children. You could just read it yourself as part of the assembly.
  7. sillysausage21

    sillysausage21 New commenter

    Sorry for pulling up an old thread but just wondered if anybody here could help! Am trying to get my yr2 SATs completed next week and discovered we are meant to be doing class assembly on Wednesday too!! Does anybody have a copy of these assembly ideas they would mind sharing??
    Thank you!
  8. Hi, this sounds great, is there any chance you could email it to me too, please!
    my email is biancabradley@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks so much

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