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ow phonics URGENT Wednesday 25 January 2012!!! Help!!! Reception class!!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by ilaria79, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hi first observation on Wed about ow in reception. It's the first lesson of this sound. Any suggestions please....thank you......

  2. Hi,
    What sounds have they covered before? Have they done ai, ee, igh, oa? in which case revist previous sounds as flash cards and cover two or three hfw.
    Then maybe use a fastest finger sheet (this is where some of the graphemes you have covered during the week or the week before are on a sheet of paper in a plastic wallet) you call out a sound ie ai and ch find the sound on their sheet pointing to it with their finger, you correct any misconceptions. You could extend ch ie find the grapheme of the middle sound or the last sound.
    Then introduce the new sound are you doing ow as in brown cow or ow as in blow the snow. Model it and teach ch a word with it modeling sounding the word out then do a word with the ch then ch do a word as a group on their own.
    Then ch can either write a sentence with the said ow sound in it or read a sentence with the ow sound in it. You could read the book Brown Bear , Brown Bear what do you see? as well. Hope that helps. The main thing is that ch apply the new sound in their own reading or writing.
  3. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I was doubtful about the 2 sound of ow. Shall I introduce both of them? Thank you very much
  4. If you're following 'Letters and Sounds', 'ow' in Phase 3 is as in 'brown'. They don't come accross the alternative phoneme for the same grapheme until Phase 5 so you don't want to confuse them with the 'ow' as in snow GPC. Just stick with one. Think the ideas above are great. After the revision of previously taught graphemes and just after you've taught the new sound, you could practice blending the new sound by making an IWB screen where the chdn have to drag and drop words containing the ow sound to pictures. If they're confident, you ccould extend this to matching simple captions and pictures. (Eg 'A cow in a town' or 'An owl on a towel' etc).- Just make sure that any captions you use only contain graphemes already taught. If you don't want to do the IWB thing, perhaps you could give them a 3 box sound frame on mini white boards, show them pictures of 'ow' words and get them to segment and write the sounds to make the words (or use magnetic letters). Basically, as long as you revise previous sounds, teach the new one, practise blending or segmenting words containing the new sound and then apply the new skill by either writing or reading a caption or sentence containing the new sound, you should be fine.
  5. [*] superthanx!!!

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