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ovulation test confusion

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by sleepy_me, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I wonder if you can help me, I'm a little confused.
    On cd 13 I got a positive on a clear blue digital ovulation. I usually do both the digital and Internet cheapie tests but on this occasion i didn't have the other test. on cd14 i used the Internet cheapie and got hardly any line at all which i thought was a bit odd. So on cd 15 I used the Internet cheapie again which was negative but had quite a bright line this time. Just because i was curious I decided to use an Internet cheapie again today cd16 and it is a positive. I used a cb digital one and that is positive too.
    Also i know you are not meant to look at the lines on the cd digital but
    on the first test (cd13) there isn't really a line but today the line
    is really bright and as dark as the other line.
    So did I ov earlier when i got my first positive or will i ov in the next few days 4 days after my first positive? As i didn't use the Internet cheapie on the cd13 i don't know if this was positive or not.we dtd on cd13, cd14 but not yesterday and will dtd tonight just in case, but this wont be till late as I'm going out so will we have missed it?
    So confused! Any ideas?

  2. Sleepy, can't help with the lines, but remember the little swimmers can last for up to 5 days once inside. If you dtd on cd13 and 14 and again tonight, there should (hopefully) be enough of the little fellas there lying in wait!
  3. Thanks Antoniou. Got another positive today, no idea what is going on. Only cd 17


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