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Overworking pupils? opinions please if possible.

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by fedupTA, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. fedupTA

    fedupTA New commenter

    I've just moved from a primary to secondary role and I'm looking for some opinions on an area of concern if possible.

    The school (an academy) has sent out texts and emails saying that it is now compulsory for ALL Y11 pupils to stay for an hour each afternoon after school to complete additional lessons and revision sessions. In addition to this for some pupils where these sessions would clash, for example they are doing two humanities - they then would attend say History after school and geography during their lunch break.

    I was sat with a group of pupils yesterday and was concerned to hear some pupils therefore are in lessons from 8.30 until 4 with no break at all during the day as they also have prefect duties.

    Is this right?

    Further to this during the recent half term pupils were were expected to attend school for revision sessions each day of the holidays and in some cases there were also sessions on both of the Saturdays.

    These kids are burning out. Am I being a bleeding heart or is this the correct way to handle this? We all want the best for them but I feel we are killing their spirits and sending some close to emotional collapse.

    Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    One of the school's justifications has been that some units of work were not taught correctly or that they don't have time to teach the whole syallabus in the allocated time.

    Maybe it's just me, maybe the jump to a secondary workplace is too much but I am concerned with everything I'm seeing.
  2. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    Don't schools have to consult with parents before extending the school day?
    I think the parents are the ones that can put a stop to this, by not cooperating, but of course the threat of "your child won't complete the syllabus" will scare those that want their children to do well, and that is what the school is counting on. It woud be interesting to know what they will do about those who don't attend.

    Perhaps the easiest concern for you to raise is that some pupils are getting no break - that they should not have to do prefect duties if they have a lunchtime lesson, and that lunchtime lessons should not fill the lunchtime.
  3. tonymars

    tonymars Occasional commenter

    Fedup. You are right. Tired brains do not learn effectively. There is a lot more to education than the fabrication of "qualifications" of dubious value. A lot of people have been saying this for a very long time. And what about teachers' spirits, emotional states etc.? You are right to be concerned with everything you are seeing. Welcome to reality.

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