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Overseas with a partner

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Helsbels07, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. I'd love to go and teach overseas for a year or 2 and my partner would come with me. Does anyone have any experience of taking non-teacher partners overseas? Are there employment opportunities? Do visas present problems? Any experiences or advice appreciated! :)
  2. ...bumping bandwaggon :)
  3. It depends

    are you married to your partner?
    where do you want to go?
    how long do you want to stay?
    do you have a mortgage or any other commitments?
    does your partner have any skills/qualifications?

    it probably depends on other things too but this will get you started
  4. Thanks Miseryguts :) To be honest I have no idea where we'll be going, I was hoping to be flooded with replies of 'He'll never get a job in...' or 'My bf got a bar job at...' so that i've got an idea of good places to start researching. There seems to be so many places and schools I don't know how people ever make a decision!

    In answer to ur questions...

    Partner is unqualified manager in leisure
    Probably a 1 year placement initially
    Not married and no mortgage commitments

    I live in hope that someone can offer me a gem of wisdom! :)

  5. It's not so much where to go but where not to. Not being married will eliminate the Gulf, and possibly other Islamic countries, if you want to live together.

    Most schools will offer a 2 year contract, then repeating annual contracts. It's not worth their while employing someone for a year to then go through the recruitment process again next year.

    There will be plenty of unqualified people in whichever country you decide on and most employment laws prefer an unqualified national over an unqualified expat so your partner's chances are slim.

    You really need to get some idea of what you're after to help make decisions. What did you have in mind when you came up with the idea?
  6. I am moving to Vietnam with my teaching girlfriend in 5 weeks.

    I do not teach and work in the city however I plan on taking my CELTA and doing some TEFL teaching until I find myself a full time job.

    If I dont find work in my field, I will continue with the EFL teaching.

    Flights and visas have been provided for me as well as medical insurance. We are not married and have mortgages here. Hope that helps :)
  7. Thanks for the info guys, there's a fair balance of hope and despair :)
    We would like to try a different continent, preferably a hotter climate and somewhere with places to visit, local life etc. I take your point about employers preferring the nationals although it's quite disheartening - I don't think he would enjoy spending 2 years earning his keep in the kitchen! (I would tho!!) How and when do you find out if a school is partner friendly?

    Calpespain - Good luck with the move :)
  8. That's one of the things I'm the most worried about as well. I am married and my wife works in admin. We plan to move abroad next year, but I don't know how much of a problem being married to a non teaching person will be...
  9. I am having the same problems. I took the plunge and I am working in
    the Caribbean. I love my job, but my Boyfriend (of 7 years) has no right
    to even stay in the country. He is here on a tourist visa (he has to
    leave the country every month now). Even if we were married he would
    have no right to work. The expat world seems to be set up so its OK for a
    working male and housewife but not a working couple. My boyfriend is
    getting very bored, very quickly. If anyone knows of any countries that
    allow non married partners the right to stay please post.
  10. Cambodia. He can also work as an unqualified teacher there easily.

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