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Overseas Biology trips for the not so well off

Discussion in 'Science' started by thesecretsciencetutor, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. thesecretsciencetutor

    thesecretsciencetutor New commenter


    I work in a secondary school in a big city with a very large mix of learners from different backgrounds.
    There is a great mix of ethnicity's and affluence.
    I am looking to plan a trip. A BIG trip that may just be a once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids, or hopefully open their eyes to the wider world and possibilities that are out there and raise aspirations.
    I'm thinking a safari but may set my sights lower when i get more information. The problem is my school has never done anything like this before. If i'm to go to my head and ask permission i need some starter facts.

    Can anyone recommend a company for good value overseas school trips?
    I would obviously plan this well in advance so could do fundraising activities to help raise funds.
    If anyone has been on one can you give a rough estimate of how much it would cost for the pupils/staff?

    Any advice to know where to start would be appreciated.
  2. particlezoo

    particlezoo New commenter


    I got an email form a company called camps international that might do what you're asking. Good luck with the fundraising.
  3. KBuxey

    KBuxey New commenter

    You should have a look at OpWall https://www.opwall.com/

    They provide support with fundraising, and you can book a couple of years in advance to allow time to fundraise. The trips themselves are also fanstatic, providing the chance to work with researchers in the field.

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