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Overcoming Eating Disorder

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by littleredshoes, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Thank you. Some good advice. It seems that most people are saying I should speak to a counsellor. I was hoping to be able to crack it on my own, but maybe this is what I need to do. Hubs is very supportive but does get frustrated as he can't understand why I am behaving the way I am sometimes, he doesn't get why I wouldn't just 'want' to be a normal weight. It has recently occurred to him that this is about more than just weight. There are a host of issues including low self esteem and controlling behaviour.

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Wanting to do it alone is understandable, but it might be easier, quicker and more thorough (that's not quite the right word, but I hope you know what I mean) if you get professional help.
    You are doing well with your weight and your attitude so go for it! Good luck!
  3. I overcame similar issues myself when I was younger.
    I remember the mixed emotions when putting weight on. You are right that it is a control issue. It's not actually about the food or the weight, it's about trying to stay in control.
    I went to a support group for eating disorders which was the most helpful thing. It helped to be with other people who understood exactly what you are going through, and who could share their own success with you. My support group also ran a parallel group (at the same time in a different room) for relatives of those with eating issues, which might be useful for your hubby to learn how to support you?
    I have been a healthy weight now for 17 years, and I am happy when I look in the mirror. It is possible to overcome this with the right help and support.
    Good luck with your journey.
  4. Thanks again for all your suggestions. I am going to see a counsellor next week as I think I have reached a point that I am finding hard to overcome on my own.
    Jellybaby - how do you feel about your eating habits? Would you like to have a more 'normal' relationship with food or are you quite happy with dieting/bingeing/purging/exercising? Do you (like me) find the thought of 'eating normally' scary, and that it will stop you having control over what and how much you eat?
    Good to know I am not alone.

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