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Outstanding Reception/Year 1 teaching - what does it look like?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by giraffe77, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Just as the title thread really: what would inspectors etc be looking for, perfection from both EYFS and KS1, or a mixture. If you had to take the most valuable/important parts of each, what would you do? I seek perfection (teaching alongside a reception teacher and a Year 1 teacher), but find it very difficult (nigh-on impossible) to do what both of them do!

    Any advice gratefully received!
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  2. I will be keeping a close eye on this! I have FS2/Y1 this year and have just found out I will have it again next year. We are also due ofsted at any time now so would love to know this as our head expects us all to be at least good if not outstanding teacher (no pressure!)
  3. Hi
    No way do I think I am outstanding and if I am honest I NEVER think you can be with this mix(although I am sure someone will come along and say they are) We have just been removed from special measures and EY's and lower key stage 1 were judged as good with outstanding features
    "One of the significant improvements evident since the beginning of the new school year has been the impact of high quality Reception class provision on children’s progress. A vibrant new dimension to the school is being established."
    What HMI were very hot on was that the most able were challenged and the least able were supported. I also think the "key" is in the quality and engagement of continuous provision. If you can engage and challenge year 1 children through child initiated and play based ideas you are half way there.
    That said I don't work alongside a year R or a year 1 class I am ALL of year R and year 1 so I am not fighting that constant battle of so and so does this in the other class type comments.
  4. I've been thinking of you today Giraffe - how are your year R's and 1's chosen for you mixed age class?
  5. By age - so I always have the older reception children, and the younger year 1. In some ways, I have the best of both worlds, but in some ways, it's a total minefield!
    Thanks for your thoughts! :)
  6. Thanks for your replies.
    Is there/Has anyone got a lesson observation format that is specific to this mix?
    Generally, I quite like teaching this mix of children, lots of pros and cons, but I'm unsure as to expectations. I find most things fairly straightforward to mix up, but phonics is really hard - I've found it particularly hard to teach my Year 1s new information, and there is no time/space to have two phonics sessions, or do the practise section of the suggested lesson format (with whiteboards etc) - especially in order to fit in English/literacy as well.
  7. do you have a TA? I have to confess that we split the class in 2 groups (not equal groups at the moment) by ability and I take one and my TA takes the other and we swap them about day by day etc. BUT then I trust her 100% that she does what I ask and she has spent a lot of time observing me teach these sorts of sessions so I am confident she understands. Other than that I actually find "teaching" the reception children tricker as I don't want to bore the year 1's where as teaching the year 1's is much much easier as a few of the reception children are picking up digraphs for example as they are interested. It is very tricky and will NEVER be "perfect" for everyone as we would like it

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  8. I do the same as chalkie bunnie. My TA teaches half of my class. She has worked with me for a long time and knows what I do to teach phonics. I keep check on the children adn tehy are making good progress so this works for us. If I didn't have a TA I'm not sure how I would do it.
    I find it hard for my FS2 to 'play' without my Y1 getting distracted! They do have opportunities to play too, but sometimes they just need to concentrate for a bit longer ;) My FS2 can concentrate for longer than my Y1s!! How does anyone else stop their Y1 getting distracted?
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  9. meatschool

    meatschool New commenter

    My school got picked up for not moving our Pakistani heritage children on enough. So we are tightening up on differentiation and inclusive teaching. In Year 1 this means making sure that all children are engaged and understand key vocabulary, lots of oral work, lots of guided teaching to make sure lower achievers are picking up pace and 'closing the gap' with the rest of the class (whatever, their background!). When inspectors asked our children, they couldn't all verbalise what the lesson objective was, so we make sure that the 'we are learning today' is short enough and clear enough that they can say what they are learning in each lesson. And we ask them all the time.
    We do have child initiated time, but not as much now as at the beginning of the year, so the distraction element isn't an issue really. I send the children who are unable to concentrate either with my TA out of the room on more active learning, or more focused task while the rest of the class are more active! or, I give them a holding activity on the carpet while I set the class up, and then I work with them on the carpet mixing recording (if app) with a practical task. You can tell I don't have more than about 5 who find it hard to focus right now.

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