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Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by bettyboop101, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. We have had a meeting about outstanding lessons and were told to basically plan in two halfs 1 objective for 1st half, one for 2nd for inspectors doing 25min slots. For those food teachers i am sure much of your 2nd half of your lesson is spend washing up, as mine is once things are in the oven. Do you think its acceptable to put 'to wash up to a high standard and leave sinks/work tops clean' or something similar as an objective for 2nd half???

    Also what do you do with pupils that dont bring ingredients?? Some in our school have them doing work sheets, i let them join in, help those struggling etc (although this can have a negative effect on them bringing ingred in future weeks).
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts
    Many thanks xx
  2. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

    Peer assessment of practical outcomes. You select the best 5 and then they vote on them. Get them discussing their reasons to justify their mark. Award Chef of the week certificates. https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Chef-of-the-Week-certificate-6109426/
    Those without ingredients can be Food inspectors and write up a report. Do parents really want someone elses fingers in the food that is being taken home? Could also get them doing some quality control when equipment comes back in. They have to justify why the cleanliness is not up to standard.
    <font size="2">https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Food-Inspector-worksheet-6014244/
  3. jlishman2158

    jlishman2158 New commenter

    The replies you have received so far have made me think about changing some of my lessons - always open to new ideas.
    As for ingredients - if I have them available I let the pupils cook using my ingredients. Sometimes I use them as 'gofers' encouraging pupils to keep them busy getting equipment/removing rubbish/washing up/anything to stop them standing still! Pupils seems to enjoy the experience but rarely forget ingredients a second time.
    I have tried w/s but then you get asked for help or have to spend time returning pupils to their seats as often the less-well behaved are the ones who choose not to cook - can be difficult when involved in a practical.
    Pupils who can't afford ingredients are going to be funded by SEN dept (I'm also SENCo)
  4. On our SIMs registers it telss us which students are FSM and I have a lovely tech assistant who talks to each student and where they cannot/ unable to bring ingredients we always get them. Or I have an email conversation with parent each week. She puts the ingredients into a carrier bag & they pick it up from her so when they walk into room it looks like their own.
    The student who forget always have to write out the reason why, & then write out a timeplan for the dish being made that day include CCP. 1st offence is noted, 2nd is a break (if no real reason)and letter home & 3rd is an after school - in line with no kit for PE policy

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